04 . 02 . 2021

AWARDS FORDATA awarded in Stevie Awards 2021!

04 . 02 . 2021

The International Business Awards, known as the The Stevie Awards, is an American business award annually awarded to companies and individuals who stand out globally. This year, FORDATA was among the winners!

Stevie Awards, known as “The Business Oscars”, have been awarded since 2002 in eight categories. It is one of the most coveted awards in the business world, and every year the competition jury examines applications from thousands of companies. In the latest edition of the awards, due to the pandemic, the organizers introduced an additional category – “COVID-19 response”.

In this way, companies that responded exceptionally well to the challenges related to the coronavirus could be awarded. FORDATA got attention among them. We received a bronze medal in the “Most Valuable Response by a Business Development Team” subcategory, which is a great achievement, confirmation of the principles we follow, and an additional driving force!

FORDATA - pandemic 1:0

What made the jury of the competition honored us? Let’s start with a brief explanation of the purpose of the category. According to the organizers, “these special categories will honor the contributions of individuals, groups, and organizations that have worked valiantly over the past year to keep us safe, healthy, employed, and informed.”

For us, the description of how we fought the pandemic in 2020 was an opportunity to tell a story about the company in our entry. From the very beginning, it was built in such a way that, in times of crisis, we could best respond to current needs and maintain business continuity (why every company should have it?). We wouldn’t have done so well without it. It is a key value in our industry. Service outages just cannot happen. After all, we are responsible for security of customer information. The pandemic could not stand in our way.

It turned out that thanks to a responsible approach and consistency, in the face of the crisis, we were able to not only develop our team and strengthen our presence in new markets, but as a company that values ​​CSR principles – also help other companies and people. The main message of our entry entitled “When the Impossible Happens. The real value of the BCP” was readiness and corporate social responsibility, which could become a lifeline for everyone around in a time of crisis.

Our achievements during the pandemic, which were distinguished by the jury, were, among others:

  • Increase in employment
  • Development on foreign markets
  • Effective remote work
  • Offer of free Virtual Data Room services for companies
  • Organization of fundraiser for hospitals
  • Support action “Oliwka challenge” for little Oliwka

15 best responses to COVID- 19 in the world

The jury appreciated our approach to operating as a business. It is a great satisfaction for us to be among the 15 companies in the world that have dealt with the pandemic challenge in a special way. We were able to move forward, support others, and at the same time tell an interesting story about the importance of responsible management.
What did the judges say about us?

Inspirational lesson in tackling problems and setbacks head on in the time of Covid. The (apparently and typically) largely female staff rose to the challenges and seemed to make excellent business during the year. Heartwarming.

FORDATA: The continuity of strong work ethics within the company, along with adapting to the pandemic, sowing into the medical community needs, and keeping on top of communications and needs within the company is very admirable.

Great entry. It demonstrates the growth achievements of the organization.

Keep up the great work!

Thank you for this great distinction and the kind words. We can’t wait to get together with Stevie’s bronze medal! Let us assure the Judges that we are not going to deviate from the course we chose 12 years ago;).

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