Fordata VDR - standard for M&A

What is a Virtual Data Room?

We created a fully mobile platform (with 24/7 access) for Due Diligence, Mergers and Acquisitions, audits, fundraising and other confidential processes. You will carry out your deals quickly and safely. Securely exchange even the most confidential documents with other parties, including advisers, auditors, potential investors, banks and business partners. Apply an easy and intuitive tool that is fully supported by of our experienced team at every stage of the transaction.

Virtual Data Room with VIP 24/7 support

Security is in our DNA

We know that the key to the deal's success is absolute control over the process and confidentiality of the shared information. As #FORDATAteam, we promise you full support, security and compliance with legal requirements.

  • 01 .

    EU based Data Centers

  • 02 .

    ISO 27 001 - holistic approach to security

  • 03 .

    Compliance with EU legislation, GDPR, MIFID and MAR

  • 04 .

    Compliance with banks' IT and compliance requirements

  • 05 .

    EV SSL certificate - same security as e-banking

What makes our support special?
We know our clients by name. We act fast. #FORDATAteam - for you and your needs.
  • 01 . WE ACT FAST

    • We answer the phone in 15 seconds
    • We reply to an email in 15 minutes
    • We launch VDR in less than 15 minutes
    • 95% of requests are resolved immediately

  • 02 . VIP SERVICE

    • We know our customers by name and treat everyone as VIP, no matter the size of a company or value of a deal
    • We give you a dedicated concierge and technical support assisting you at every stage of the process
    • We measure customer satisfaction with a lot to be proud of

  • 03 . AT HAND 24/7

    • We work like a member of your team
    • Available 24/7
    • We can do the most tedious work for you - upload documents, create structures (we have templates), rename files, redact documents, invite users etc.

Explore all Virtual Data Room features

Industry-leading security standards

Protect both PDF and non-PDF documents equally (MS Office, JPG, PNG, Autocad files - DWG i DXF etc):

  • Block saving and printing of files
  • Protect documents against modification (read-only mode)
  • Redact (anonymize) different types of information, supported by artificial intelligence
  • Apply dynamic watermarks on files
  • Prevent text marking
  • Apply "Fence view" & "Blur view" securing files against accidental content exposure
  • Blocking Prt Sc key combination

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Fordata Virtual Data Room - more than just technology

Dedicated tool for Due Diligence with full 24/7 support - for you and your needs

Redaction tool
Redact content right inside the VDR without sacrificing security

  • Use Redaction patterns to automatically redact common elements (e-mail, phone number, URL, IP, PESEL number, IBAN, credit card number, figures, dates and times)

  • Search & redact in any language (easily redact all search results with one click or choose to redact only the selected content)

  • Redact specific content (words, phrases, areas, images, logos, the whole page

  • Store redacted & unredacted file versions

  • Unredact at any time as the deal progresses

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Enhance accuracy with AI
Shorten redacting time:

  • Automatically redact 23 types of information, including all personally identifiable information (PII)

  • Words in various grammatical forms

  • Financial and official data in global formats (PHI)

  • Types of information in nearly 80 languages

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Advanced analytics and activity reports
Control deals, know investors' goals, and follow regulations

  • Track and analyze activity (see who viewed which files and for how long)

  • Discover which content generates the most or the least interest and be better prepared for investors’ questions

  • Compare investors activity thanks to easy-to-read charts

  • Track file history for audit purposes (uploads, changes, access permissions)

Secure & controlled communication
Thanks to built-in Q&A module easily manage a large number of inquiries from potential partners, e.g. investors

  • Guarantee the confidentiality of conversation

  • Plan your workflow flexibly, using several configuration options (tailored for Due Diligence)

  • Use special features, e.g. automatic statuses, question limits, question categories (financial,legal), answering many investors at the same time

Fast document upload & automation
Automate your work or let our team handle the tedious tasks for you

  • Upload entire folders with files using simple drag&drop or create folder structure by importing an xls file

  • Load quickly and efficiently -1GB in 7 minutes

  • Track upload progress and gain full control with detailed reports

  • Use automatic notifications to inform users about new files

Flexible access rights management
Customize document/user permissions and maintain control over information access

  • Grant permissions in bulk for folders or entire groups (e.g. investor)

  • Automatically grant the same permissions to multiple groups using 'Copy settings to a new group' option

  • Stay in control with a clear permission views of selected or all groups

  • Change file/folder permissions flexibly or block access to VDR

Efficient work thanks to extra options

  • Use advanced search options including Full Text Search

  • Speed up your work thanks to mass operations (bulk upload/download, creating users by importing an xls file, inviting users in bulk, moving entire folders or several files at once)

  • Accelerate documents analysis thanks to autonumbering of index, filters, tags, private notes, discussions