08 . 05 . 2020

UPDATE Product Update - what's new in FORDATA system?

08 . 05 . 2020

Since the beginning of the year, our IT department has introduced a lot of new features and improvements in the Virtual Data Room system. We would like to introduce to you those that we consider to be particularly important from the user’s point of view.

We are always trying to provide maximum system performance, ease of use and reliable customer support. The IT department managed by Aleksandra Porębska-Nowak, together with the Customer Service Team led by Marianna, constantly cooperate to make the values ​​that make us stand out on the market work better and better for users. So what improvements have we implemented in the last quarter?

Fast live chat with clients

Clients have been able to use the chat function built into the Virtual Data Room for several months now. Thanks to this convenient solution, the Customer Service Department will respond even faster to all your written questions regarding both functions and technical queries. In addition, customers from around the world will not have to worry about the cost of the phone calls in case they have a long conversation with the support department, yet they will receive live support too! Chat function combines the advantages of direct contact with the service, saving costs and time – the client can dive into multitasking while working on different sides of the project and at the same time ask us about VDR aspects at a convenient moment if he or she does not want to or cannot devote a specific time slot for the phone conversation.

Automatic import of document structure to VDR from Excel files

We have accelerated the stage of preparing VDR for work even more! Users are now able to quickly create new folders in VDR using the so-called ‘request list’ which they can receive from an advisor or buyer. Instead of creating folders manually, now you just need to copy the names of the folders from any source (Excel, Word) to the .xls file, according to the guide we have prepared, and upload it to VDR. The system maps the folder tree automatically! It is worth remembering that this function only creates folders (without documents: these can still be quickly loaded from the source folder thanks to the drag & drop function). This is especially useful if you are going to create a large number of folders and divide the work of loading documents between employees from different teams. The time spent creating the structure in VDR will be significantly reduced.

Also, remember that only a user who has been authorized by the Project Manager to load and manage the entire document structure can import folders and subfolders into VDR from .xlsx.

Report "Comparison of access rights to files”

If you support many user groups and frequently change the VDR structure as well as permissions assigned to individual files, you will easy know who has access to what information. The updated and expanded report that allows you to quickly compare granted permissions is really a great help! The report “Comparison of access rights to files” allows you to easily check which permissions to documents and folders have been granted and how the selected permissions (viewing, printing, saving) differ between groups. This way you will gain even geater control over your projects. Generating a report is very simple. Just select the type of authorization you are interested in, groups that interest you, and then click on the GENERATE REPORT button. Voila!

It is also possible to export such a report from VDR to a computer disk, and if the report compares the permissions of more than 10 groups, the file will be automatically exported and downloaded locally to the computer. Isn’t that convenient? Remember that this feature is also available only to people with administrator privileges.

Icing on the cake - no need to login to the FORDATA Uploader by Project Managers.

At FORDATA, we know how valuable every minute is! That is why we have eliminated the login stage to the document loading component of VDR, of course maintaining the highest security standards. The function is available to Project Managers and users appointed by them to manage and load documentation. Just click the ‘Add Documents’ button and use the full functionality of the Uploader without taking additional steps!

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