Audit – Due Diligence

In Virtual Data Room.
On-line. Comfortable. Fully controlled.

How does it work?

Virtual Data Room is an IT system, which allows to share confidential documentation during Due Diligence and audits in a controlled way.

  • Available (setup in 15 minutes)
  • No need for onboarding (for the auditor or the client)
  • Provided along with technical support
  • Intuitive and easy to use (does not require trainings and IT knowledge)

It is the best alternative to sending files via e-mail, sharing through FTP server or conducting audit in the company’s office.

  • Control over documents and process
  • Order and effectiveness of the process
  • Comfort for all users
  • Information security

For the Company

Simple – drag and drop

Fast – Upload of 1 GB (15 – 45 minutes)

Upload whole structure in one click

Enable automatic numeration of index and create a transparent information structure

Update files accordingly to the auditors’ needs

Flexible – decide who and to what extent has access to the documentation

Decide whether user can view the file, download it or print it

Protect documents against unauthorised modification and further distribution

Make available to only authorised users in one click

Control who and to what extent has access to files

Follow activity of users:

who viewed what documents and for how long

how much time users spend analysing documents

Manage work while seeing who and when uploaded or deleted documents

For Auditor

Search for documents by their name or key words thanks to advanced options and filters

Receive alerts about new documents and find new information easily

Manage documentation – add personal notes, mark as ‘favourite’, ‘completed’, ‘to watch’.

Report the demand for new documents (through the module for communication of the so-called Q&A)

Ask questions for documents addressed to the Company (through the Q&A module)

Add comments, which will be seen by your team members


who and for how long watched which documents

how much time users spend analyzing documents

which documents have not yet been analyzed

What do you gain?

01. For an auditing company
  • Comfortable work from the office, no need to visit the Company's headquarters
  • Convenient online documentation analysis
  • Process organisation

02. For the Company

  • Confidential documents protection
  • Control over documentation and reduced risk of human error (while sending many documents by e-mail)
  • Shortening the time of audit conduction
  • The image of an organized and modern company

Key information


  • Automatic alerts about new documents
  • Automatic numeration of files and folders
  • Drag&drop upload of files
  • Upload of a whole structure by a single mouse click
  • Mass operations
  • Individualised filters
  • Advanced search options (including Full Text Search)
  • One-sided messages to users


  • Native application for viewing documents
  • PDF documents protection against editing and copying of text fragments (the so-called read only)
  • Protection against Print Screens
  • Protection against Excel files modification
  • Agreement to entrust the processing of personal data on the FORDATA template
  • Default security configuration


  • 6 advanced user activity reports
  • Protection against printout and saving files to user’s hard drive
  • Watermarks on documents
Responsiveness FORDATA VDR

165 EUR per month

  • 1 GB
  • 15 users
  • One-hour training
  • Technical support 9-17 CET
  • Knowledge base 24/7
Perform the audit quickly and safely
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