25 . 11 . 2020

#FORDATAteam FORDATA awarded as Top10 PropTech Solution Provider 2020!

25 . 11 . 2020

FORDATA has been placed among the ten best providers of solutions for the Real Estate industry in 2020 by CIO Applications Europe magazine. The award is granted to companies whose services and products help develop the Real Estate sector.

This year, the award is of particular importance. The real estate industry is transforming dynamically, which has been fueled up by the COVID-19 pandemic. The general global recession is pushing the whole sector toward greater optimization of resources, finances, space and data, as well as the mitigation of market risks, whereas coronavirus sped up its digitization process. In these challenging conditions, RE companies must take accurate measures to stay afloat.

Despite the fluctuations, also on the M&A market, the Real Estate sector still remains an attractive investment target. Not only the office, but also the logistics and warehouse sectors are adapting to new needs – which has been strengthened by the increasing demand for e-commerce – showing new market opportunities. FORDATA Virtual Data Room system gives companies from the commercial real estate industry a chance to gain control over data in these fast-changing conditions. VDR allows to shorten the time of proceedings, more efficiently manage the flow of documentation between clients and business partners, and also ensure document security from the technological and legal side in processes such as Due Diligence, audits, realization of development projects, expertise and more.

The award in the Top10 PropTech Solution Provider category is a recognition of the solutions that FORDATA offers to the Real Estate industry not only in these demanding times. It is a great honor for us! As an intuitive SaaS tool, the system has greatly improved the work of many entities – real estate owners, developers, tenants, auditors or supervisory bodies – involved in the process in the online environment. We are perfectly prepared for the challenges posed by the sudden changes in the real estate industry. This allows many companies to get the support they need.

In connection with the award, the latest paper edition of CIO Applications Europe magazine will publish an interview with Aleksandra Porębska-Nowak and Aleksandra Prusator. The founders of FORDATA share their comments on the benefits of Virtual Data Room for companies from the Real Estate sector there. You can also read the material on the magazine’s website, which we encourage you to do!

Pandemic from the perspective of the Virtual Data Room provider - what is the real estate industry gaining?

We follow the course of events both as a company that rents an office from a property owner and a provider of the PropTech tool used by a number of real estate companies. We perfectly understand the situation in which the Real Estate industry has found itself. We shared our observations in the article “Flexible office – how to respond to new needs”.

Currently, both the office sector, magazines and BTS projects, or industrial parks have access to tools that will allow them to optimize all their operations. Virtual Data Room is an indispensable component of success of these companies.

We are aware that the need for new optimization strategies will not disappear, because this is where the entire business world is heading. As a technology company, we know that we will be able to meet the expectations of entrepreneurs and provide peace of mind for real estate companies and their partners in future.

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