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VDR Lite

Self service
Yearly (save 20%)

EUR 199

EUR 159,20

  • 1 VDR
  • Min. period: 1 month
  • 1GB of data
  • (possibility to buy extra GB)
  • 15 users
  • (possibility to buy extra users)
  • Technical support 9-17 CET Response time: 3h

Most often used for:
Life Science/Clinical Trial
FTP Alternative

Three-level file permission model, enabling to deny such access rights as file viewing, saving or printing
Read Only Access Documents are protected against editing and copying a piece of text: PDF, MS Office (DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, BMP), JPG, JPEG, PNG, TXT, ODS, GIF, TIF, TIFF, XSLM, XLTX, CSV, XLSB, XLSM, XML, EML, MPP, MSG, RTF, ODT, PPSX, VSD, VSDX, XPS, DWG, DVX.
Lock of Print Screen
Watermarks on documents Watermark allows to identify the user viewing a document. It is an extra protection against making screenshots. As standard, watermark contains e-mail address of the viewer, the date and the time of opening the file. You can buy a customization of a watermark, which means adding client’s logo and individual text, such as DO NOT COPY.
Original (native) application for viewing documents No dangerous Flash plugins (as some competitors have).
6 advanced reports of users' activity Available reports: - Users' logins - All users' activity (e-mail address of the viewer, the date and the duration of the operation on the file) - Groups' activity over time - Most and less popular documents and folders - Document and folder history - Comparison of access rights to files Each report can be filtered by lots of different criteria to obtain information, that is most relevant for us. Reports are available in form of diagram and table with possibility to export the data to Excel file.
Drag&drop upload
Uploading the whole structure in just one click
Sending one-sided messages to users
Bulk operations - Uploading files (Bulk Upload) - Saving files (Bulk Save) - Creating users by import of an Excel file
Automatic numbering of documents and folders
Automatic alerts about new documents They are being used by the administrator e.g. to inform users when the access to Data Room will be denied. It is a one-sided message, sent directly to the users' e-mail addresses.
Advanced search options (including Full Text Search) Available options: - Find the documents by their names - Find the words inside the documents without opening them (Full Text Search) - Mechanism includes Polish characters
Individual filters
Default personal data processing agreement
Default security configuration

VDR Basic

Dedicated premier support 24/7 included in price
Contact sales
  • 1 VDR
  • Min. period: 1 month
  • Flexible data size
  • Unlimited number of users
  • 24/7 Technical support
  • Documents upload and VDR management
  • Data Room Archive on DVD at the end of transaction

Most often used for:
Due Diligence
Other transactions

Dedicated Project Manager
System setup for client (documents upload, creating users, access rights management, etc.)
System management for the client 24/7
Unlimited users
Dedicated link for client's project It is an additional protection tool - the Internet address, under which Data Room is available, will be known only to authorized users, who received an invitation.
Data Room Archive on DVD at the end of a transaction Includes saving the content of Data Room on the encrypted data carrier (DVD disc or USB flash). The archive contains entire documentation, activity reports and Q&A content (only if Q&A module was active). Depending on client's preferences, FORDATA team can save the entire content of Data Room or content from the viewpoint of a selected group of users, e.g. Investor. The content is being confirmed by a protocol, issued by FORDATA as an entity independent of the transaction. As standard, client receives 2 sets – one for the Investor, one for the Company.
7 advanced administrative reports Available administrative reports: - Changes in the names of documents and folders - Documents and folders uploaded - Documents and folders deleted - Changes of access rights to documents and folders - Changes to groups' access rights - Changes to user's access rights - Users deleted
Module for confidential communication (Questions & Answers) It is a module of the system aiming to improve communication between project parties. It allows users, representing the other party of the process (e.g. investor), asking questions to the project manager, e.g. seller or his adviser. Most often, questions are related to documents, requests about new documents or other issues referring to the running process. Communication in the Q&A module is confidential, and different groups of users do not know about their existence as well. There are a few types of configuration the Q&A module and additional options that make managing the questions easier, like different general and daily limits of questions for different groups, question types (e.g.Financial), priorities etc.
Communication tools (discussions, private notes)
Watermark customization Watermark customization includes adding to the watermark a client’s logo and individual text, e.g. DO NOT COPY.
NDA and automatic e-mails customization
Individual security configuration It includes individual settings in the terms of: - Number of required acceptance of the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) by users (e.g. only at a first logging, at each, other) - Number of minutes of inactivity after which user will be logged out - Frequency of required password changes
Negotiable Personal data processing Agreement
Possibility to store data in client's cloud (hybrid model)


Long-term cooperation
Contact sales
  • Multiple VDR's
  • Min. period: 12 months
  • Flexible data size
  • Unlimited number of users
  • 24/7 Technical support
  • Documents upload and VDR management
  • Data Room Archive on DVD at the end of transaction

Most often used for:
Network organization
Commercial Real Estate
PE/VC (M&A, Fundraising)

Possibility to launch multiple Data Rooms (projects) at the same time
Possibility to connect all Data Rooms within one platform
Bulk financial reporting for all Data Rooms (altogether)
Possibility to launch the system within client's infrastructure
Possibility to launch the system within client's infrastructure
Integration of Data Room with client's website
Discounts for long-term cooperation

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We are compliant with GDPR and EU Regulations regarding cloud services

EU based Data Centers

GDPR Compliance

Personal Data processing within EEA guaranteed

 ISO 27 001 Certified

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We are satisfied with the cooperation with the consultants, who provided technical assistance to us. They have always been available and responded immediately to our queries.

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High quality of services, professionalism and the speed of reaction to any customer’s needs testify to the fact that this is a company worth recommending.


We would like to thank FORDATA for professionalism and speed of action that allowed us to efficiently achieve our goals.


Sure! Your first 14 days are free of charge. Just sign up for our trial. No credit card required. You don’t like to click? No problem, our team will do a live demo for you.

As a standard, we open a Data Room within 15 minutes after placing an order in our store or after signing the agreement (with our sales rep.). Orders placed online on weekends, holidays or business days after 5 p.m.  CET are carried out the next business day before 10 a.m.

If there is a need for a faster Data Room launch, please call our Sales Rep., we will do our best!

In this situation, we encourage you to contact us! Basing on our experience with other clients, we will help you estimate the data size you need. Much depends on the type of the project / transaction and industry. If you need a Data Room for M&A deal – the following information may be useful (but not necessary): the estimated value of the transaction, whether you are selling the whole business or only the part of it, the industry (i.e. we know from our experience that deals in commercial real estate sector usually are bigger that others – in terms of data size).

Yes. At any time you can change the Agreement, it is a matter of individual arrangements with the client. Please contact us.

We do accept ordinary bank transfers, quick payments via Przelewy24 and card payments. We accept transfers in Euro and polish zloty.

Each Agreement (LITE, BASIC, PRO) is automatically extended by another month. We will remind you about the end date 14, 7 days before and at the end date, so that the extension and additional fees are not a surprise for you.

During the last 14 days of the Agreement, you can terminate the cooperation – just send us an email. We may also extend the Agreement for a longer period of time, according to your preferences. Please contact us.

Any file format can be loaded into the VDR system. At the same time, as many as 30 file formats have special protection of the Secure Viewer module, which enables the display of shared documents by authorized users with the so-called “read-only” option, which allows the administrator to block the saving, printing, screenshot or selecting and copying a fragment of the document by the user. Additionally, the displayed documents can have a watermark, and the administrator has access to a report showing who, when and for how long was viewing a given file. The above options apply to files in formats such as: PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, BMP, JPG, JPEG, PNG, TXT, ODS, GIF, TIF, TIFF, XLTX, CSV, XLSB, XLSM , XML, EML, MPP, MSG, RTF, ODT, PPSX, VSD, VSDX, XPS
DWG and DVX.

Dedicated Project Manager is the person responsible for your project on FORDATA’s side. It is a person, known to you by name, to which you can always call if you need help or consultation regarding VDR management. The Project Manager also conducts dedicated VDR management training for you.

Support of the Customer Service Team includes performing all time-consuming tasks, such as loading documents, creating users, and managing permissions on your behalf.

Our team is treated by customers as an extra member of the transaction team (more about what we can do for you HERE).

Data Room archive on DVD/USB is a must have when you use a Data Room for M&A deal. FORDATA Team saves the content of Data Room (documents, reports, communication history) –  entire or from the viewpoint of a selected group of users, e.g. Investor, on the encrypted data carrier (DVD disc or USB). As a part of a VDR archive service, you also receive the comfort letter issued by FORDATA (as a part independent to the deal) confirming the content of DVD/USB. The Data Room archive often constitutes  the attachment to the SPA (Sale Purchase Agreement).

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