30 . 10 . 2023

PRODUCT UPDATES Welcome to Our In-Built Redaction Tool

30 . 10 . 2023

We are excited to introduce our brand-new in-built redaction tool, a game-changer that allows you to seamlessly redact content directly within your VDR, all while ensuring top-tier security. Bid farewell to the days of outsourcing this crucial yet time-consuming task. Our in-built tool is your partner in identifying and anonymizing sensitive information, including key Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Plus, you can effortlessly revert to the original document as your deal progresses.


But that’s not all! This marks the debut of our redaction tool, with more groundbreaking AI Redaction features on the horizon!

Simplify with Redaction Patterns

Experience automation at its finest and say goodbye to tedious tasks. Let our system take the reins in locating common elements, including key PII (Personally Identifiable Information). After reviewing the results, simply confirm, and let the magic happen. Our redaction patterns cover:

  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Credit card numbers
  • PESEL numbers
  • IP addresses
  • URLs
  • IBAN numbers
  • Dates
  • Times
  • Numerical data
  • Postal code
  • NIP (Tax Identification Number)
  • ID card number

Search and Redact with Ease

Effortlessly search for specific words or phrases, regardless of the language. Our system automates the process by identifying all instances for you to anonymize with a single click. Alternatively, you can manually review the results and redact only the selected items.

Precision Redaction

When you require pinpoint accuracy in redacting specific content, whether it’s words, phrases, sections, images, logos, handwritten notes, or entire pages, our special area tool makes it a breeze. Simply mark each instance for redaction.

Maintain Transparency

As the Redaction Admin, you have full visibility into what the system has automatically redacted before giving your approval. Collaborate with your team on a draft version of the document to ensure all sensitive content is properly redacted. With a single click, you can confirm, decline, or make changes.

Document Version Control

For enhanced flexibility, your Admin team can store or download different document versions – both redacted or unredacted – to accommodate various phases of the deal lifecycle. Meanwhile, rest assured that the Buyer Team will only have access to the published version.

Unredact on Demand

As your deal progresses, easily revisit the document to modify redaction criteria or revert content back to its original form – all with a simple click.

Document Redaction Report

We have introduced this capability to give you full control over the process and also to give you a broad view of the process. In this detailed report, you will see the complete history of changes made to documents that have gone through the redaction process within the Redaction Tool available in the VDR. This report will provide you with precise information about each redaction, taking into account both the dates and times of changes. Thanks to the advanced filters, you have the possibility to search the data in detail, limiting the results to the specific file or user responsible for making the changes. In addition, the report allows you to verify various statuses related to the redaction of documents, such as restoring the original version, saving the redaction made, as well as identifying and analysing errors related to the redaction process. With these functionalities, you can accurately monitor and manage the document redaction process, thus ensuring a high level of security and compliance with legal requirements.

The Benefits of Integrated Redaction

Our integrated redaction tool provides you with:

  • Compliance: Ensure compliance with global regulations and data protection laws (e.g., GDPR).
  • Flexibility: Easily adjust redaction criteria as the deal evolves. Redact, work on a draft version, change redaction criteria, and unredact at any time.
  • Security: Keep redacted content hidden from the Buyer Team unless you choose to reveal it.
  • Speed: Accelerate your team’s workflow with automation.
  • Monitoring: Control file activities.

4 Simple Steps

01. Automate: Utilize Redaction Patterns and customizable search.

02. Check & Confirm: Review and confirm or edit automated redaction selections.

03. Publish: Share the redacted document with investors.

04. Unredact: Effortlessly revert to the original document when the time is right.


Not convinced yet? Sign up for a free 14-day trial to see our integrated Redaction Tool. Don’t feel like testing? Contact us, and we’ll provide a live demonstration during a 15-minute meeting.

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