28 . 06 . 2024

PRODUCT UPDATES The fastest VDR in the industry - new improvements in Fordata system

28 . 06 . 2024

In short:

  • The June updates have boosted the performance speed of key Fordata system functions by over 90%
  • The VDR allows for even more efficient team work and shorter project implementation times
  • The improvements mainly concern files uploading, changing permissions and creating groups
  • The optimized VDR enables seamless management of projects exceeding even 100 GB

In the dynamic world of mergers and acquisitions, where the pace of change and decision-making efficiency are crucial, the speed and efficiency of data management systems become indispensable elements of success. They require not only lightning-fast processing of vast amounts of information but also precise data management to ensure smooth processes and enable rapid strategic decision-making.

The June updates to the Fordata VDR system brought substantial performance improvements to key functions, increasing their speed by an impressive 90%. The updates focused on maximizing efficiency in crucial areas such as uploading files, changing document permissions and creating user groups. Thanks to them, users can enjoy even faster task completion times, which is invaluable in a merger and acquisition environment, where every second counts.

Loading files and entire folders

Thanks to the optimization, the time needed to transfer large amounts of data – both single documents and entire folders – has been significantly reduced. File upload speed has increased by an impressive 98.4% compared to previous upload results. Users can now add documents to the system even faster, which translates to saving time and increasing the efficiency of work on projects.


“Mr. Fryderyk, there is a great improvement 😊 Files load quickly.”

Loading documents by multiple users at the same time

Another step forward is the significant increase in the speed of loading documents by multiple users simultaneously. New improvements allow teams to work on their projects without fear of system slowdown. This is a key issue in situations where many people need to send and update data at the same time, which is typical in complex M&A transactions. After the changes, users uploading folders with files in various formats simultaneously require no more than 2 minutes for this task.

Creating groups with advanced file access permissions

Security and control over access to data are the foundations of every M&A transaction. We have introduced advanced options for creating groups by copying the settings of an existing group. This allows administrators to more easily and precisely define who has access to specific documents. Importantly, this operation will now take only 1 minute or less, depending on the set permissions, when the administrator creates up to 3 groups simultaneously.

Changing file access permissions

Managing file access permissions has now become even faster and more intuitive. Where previously changing permissions for around 12,000 files took 3 minutes, now users only need 4 seconds for this task! New improvements allow you to make changes to access permissions instantly. This means that teams can better adapt to current project needs while retaining full control over data access.

Managing large transactions >100GB

Effective management of transactions sized 1-10 GB is the industry standard. The improvements to Fordata VDR now allow for the seamless management of more complex and large projects involving over 100 GB of data. The new solution ensures reliability and speed even with enormous amounts of data.

Continuous improvement of Fordata as the key to your success

The June update to the Fordata Virtual Data Room is proof of our ongoing commitment to excellence, as we discussed in the article Our Goal – The Fastest Virtual Data Room. The advanced new enhancements have significantly increased the performance of the system’s key administrative functions, allowing users to benefit from even faster, safer, and more efficient project management. Especially in the context of M&A transactions, where every moment is precious and precision and reliability are decisive, continuous product improvement becomes the foundation of success. Our innovative solutions allow clients to focus on achieving their business goals, confident that their data is in the best hands.

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She is responsible for the development of the Fordata VDR system, ensuring continuous improvement of functionality, security, and performance of the application, adapting it to changing market requirements and user expectations.

Daria Sobczak

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