26 . 02 . 2024

PRODUCT UPDATES AI-Powered Redaction Tool - big premiere

26 . 02 . 2024

Reduce redaction time and increase accuracy with artificial intelligence (AI) support

At the end of 2023, we introduced the VDR Redaction tool – a tool to automatically redact sensitive information in documents shared in the VDR. We are not slowing down – today we are proud to present a new version, supported by an artificial intelligence engine – AI-Powered Redaction Tool. Artificial intelligence is a breakthrough that will guarantee you even greater precision in detecting sensitive information in your documents and save you time, so valuable when conducting M&A transactions. It is also a guarantee that any content that should be protected under RODO – will not be made available to unauthorized individuals.


The AI-Powered Redaction Tool will detect and automatically redact:

  • 23 types of information, including key Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Words in various grammatical variations
  • Financial and official data in global formats (PHI)
  • Information types in almost 80 languages


In addition, as part of the system update, we are introducing:

  • the ability to redact the same area on all pages of a document – especially useful when redacting a header, footer or logo in a document
  • option to filter the list of documents by Redaction Status


1. Efficient and automated process

Save time and costs with a fully automated anonymisation process. Achieve the highest accuracy available while ensuring all sensitive information is properly anonymised.

2. Support in almost 80 languages

Anonymise documents in any language, effortlessly. Artificial intelligence will search and redact information in almost 80 languages, including those key to our EMEA users such as Polish, English, German, Hungarian, Czech, Romanian, Slovak, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and many more.

3. Fast and reliable anonymisation of personal data

Unique algorithms ensure fast and reliable anonymisation of key Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Easily identify and anonymise personal data hidden in the content of a document, ensuring compliance with external regulations, such as GDPR, and internal privacy policies. Our reliable AI engine will anonymise:

  • Email addresses
  • IP address
  • URL address
  • Time/date
  • IBAN
  • Bank card numbers
  • ID card number
  • Postal code
  • NIP (Tax Identification Number)
  • Phone number
  • Names of persons
  • Types of work or roles
  • Organization
  • National identification number
  • ABA
  • Driver’s license number
  • Citizen identification number
  • Passport number
  • Social security number
  • Tax identification number

4. Flexible anonymisation options

Anonymise pages, paragraphs and even single words or entire sentences – it’s never been this convenient. Perform search-based anonymisation for specific terms or manually select text, images or whole pages to anonymise. Secure areas throughout your document, avoiding the need for multiple manual actions.

5. Maximum security

The anonymised information remains invisible to external users, ensuring maximum security.

AI-Powered Redaction tool

  • ensure compliance with GDPR in terms of redacting key PII
  • reduce accidental sharing of sensitive information
  • save time compared to manual redaction
  • ensure easy control of redacted documents
  • effortlessly protect personal information in the VDR


Additionally, all functions from our standard Redaction Tool remain available:

  • manual redaction of selected words, areas, images,
  • searching for words and redacting all automatically found occurrences,
  • possibility to maintain two versions of a document – the original and the redacted version,
  • restoration of the original when a transaction enters a subsequent stage.

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