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New functions in the Virtual Data Room system

In recent weeks we have implemented several new functionalities in the Virtual Data Room system. Thanks to them, viewing the structure of documents has become even more convenient, and access to files stored on the computer – centralized. Here’s what our developers have prepared for you.

Alphabetical sorting of the document index

On the document index screen, next to the “Add documents” and “Export” buttons, there is a new switch “Sort alphabetically”. Its activation will result in an automatic alphabetical segregation of folders, as well as each subsequent file within the file structure.
The main folders will be sorted first, then the subfolders, and inside the subfolders – individual documents (it’s similar to the sort tool in Windows). This function will make working with documents much easier for people who appreciate the alphabetical clarity of the folder structure.
The need for alphabetical sorting came from one of our clients. We are glad that we could implement it!

Exporting document structure to .html format on Windows and MacOS

Now, desktop users can save the structure of shared documents to HTML file and view it in the blink of an eye through a browser outside the VDR system.
Users who have saved documents shared in VDR on their hard disk can also access them directly by clicking on the given document in the HTML structure. However, make sure that all your saved documents are stored in one folder – on desktop by default.
This function greatly facilitates navigation in the case of complex structures. Users will no longer have to search for documents stored on disk and learn local folder structures. Browsing the tree and opening documents online and offline is now practically identical.
It is a great satisfaction for us that our model of operation allows us to better adapt the service to the needs of customers not only in terms of sales offer, but also technologically. It is a real advantage over corporate solutions.
Working with documents saved offline the same as online? Now, it is possible!

Changes in the Uploader on MacOS

Apart from brand new functionalities, we’ve made a number of improvements for MacOS users. Working in VDR will now be even smoother on the Mac as there is:
We hope that the new functionalities will have a real impact on the comfort of your work with documents in the FORDATA system. Expect new portions of news straight from the developer studio!

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