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Investment adviser accelerated the Due Diligence process

Merger and acquisition transactions must be conducted safely, quickly and comfortably. Doxa Capital, conducting the sales process of Hoop Polska, was looking for a solution supporting the Due Diligence process that would allow it to share data in a safe and user-friendly way.
It was important for the company to find a tool that would give more control over content sharing than popular file sharing platforms, and on the other hand would also provide high quality support from the provider.

Deal success supported by technology

FORDATA service proved to be a competitive solution for the adviser. During the audits of Hoop Polska by auditors, Virtual Data Room allowed to share sensitive transaction documents with many different users with varying degrees of authorization. Thus, he gave the advisor full control over who and to what extent has access to confidential information. Thanks to such functions as loading many files at the same time (drag & drop) and the ability to create a transparent structure of documents, VDR facilitated the maintenance of a transparent structure of shared materials. In the scope of cooperation with FORDATA, the company appreciated the unrivaled Customer Service Team, responsiveness and openness to the company’s needs in terms of optimizing the package used during the project and the possibility of individual pricing depending on the needs. Strong advantage also turned out to be firmly embedded in the Polish market.

We are pleased with the cooperation with FORDATA. Openness to customer needs and the highest level of service are the features that definitely distinguish the company on the market. We can recommend the company as a reliable partner for cooperation with complete confidence

Kamil Kania, Investment Director at Doxa Capital

The advantages of Virtual Data Room over popular platforms

Doxa Capital needed functions such as, i.e.:

Selected Doxa Capital transaction using the FORDATA VDR system


The sale of 100% shares in Hoop Polska




Kofola ČeskoSlovensko


ZMB Capital

About Doxa Capital

Doxa Capital is a transaction adviser specializing in M&A transactions on the FMCG market, distribution and retail in Central and Eastern Europe. In ongoing transactions, Doxa is looking for non-obvious solutions that maximize the value of the project. The many years of management experience of Doxa partners give a practical dimension to the effects of its work and allow a full understanding of management problems in the company.
We would like to thank Doxa Capital for participation in the case study.

Preparing for Due Diligence? Speed up with FORDATA

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