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What is electronic data repository?

An electronic data repository, also called an e-archive or centralized data repository, is  a place in the network where electronic documents are placed. It can be a company network drive, ftp server, cloud drive or a dedicated application implemented on the enterprise’s infrastructure.

What differentiates each data repository?

Each of these solutions differs, among others in terms of:

The role of the e-repository

Most importantly, however, is for archive to fulfill its role and business expectations – e.g. ensure efficient management and control over access to documentation within companies or for projects implemented with external entities. We might, for instance, wonder why introduce ftp server on-sight while more capabilities are at hand with cloud solutions, such as greater mobility through dedicated apps and more. Another thing is data itself. Both non-confidential information, but also internal documents or even business secrets, can be placed and shared in the electronic document repository. It is therefore wise to choose a solution that will maintain data security at the highest possible level. Certainly a good electronic document repository is one that allows for example:

Someone might ask: why do I need a cloud service if I can have an ftp server with dedicated infrastructure? Well, these are two different systems that were created in response to different business needs. And there are always pros and cons to our choices. A tailor-made service will not neccesarily perform better than an open software. So before deciding on which solution to use, check your options firts. It might turn out that a tool with the most restrictive security mechanisms, enabling full control over the shared documentation, like VDRs, might work better than in-house server while sharing confidential files. Or perhaps there is no need to build office network just to get a capacious storage place while cloud data repository can do just fine?  

Top data security in the cloud

Send confidential documents electronically with FORDATA VDR

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