27 . 05 . 2023

Due Diligence VDR in due diligence process

27 . 05 . 2023

In short:

  • VDR streamlines the Due Diligence process by enabling electronic access to documents.
  • The traditional approach to Due Diligence is typically time-consuming and expensive.
  • VDRs provide a higher level of security and effective control over the process.
  • VDR features support communication and management of the Due Diligence process.
  • Data rooms are offered with support, which facilitates the organization of the process.
  • VDRs are a key tool in M&A processes, increasing their efficiency and security.

M&As are a permanent element of the economic world. Their goal is to achieve strategic and financial benefits by expanding markets, diversifying products and production processes, providing the economy of scale, etc. Another indispensable part, which is prior to this type of strategic investment is the Due Diligence procedure.

The main aim of the DD is to assess the risk of the planned transaction and indicate the direction of new business development. In order to do that, the company which is the subject of sale is obligated to provide the potential investors with access to its internal documentation, while the investor performs a comprehensive financial, legal and organizational analysis on the basis of which valuation of the company and decision on the acquisition are made.

Due Diligence – traditional approach

  • Traditionally, Due Diligence was manual and conducted in physical locations, requiring the analysis of vast amounts of documents.
  • This approach was time-consuming, costly, and posed risks of data leakage and loss of document control.

Until recently, the Due Diligence analysis was carried out in a traditional way. It was conducted manually in the physical premises, where all the company documents (often hundreds or even thousands of binders) were piled and laboriously analyzed by teams of advisors hired by the investors interested in purchasing the company.

Conducting the analysis in this way is time-consuming, cost-intensive and troublesome for all parties of a transaction, especially when investors come from different parts of the world and company’s documentation is scattered across a number of departments. It is easy to imagine the costs that might be generated by companies involved in the transaction when they are thousands of kilometers apart and the teams need to travel across the globe.

The number of documents to view, such as agreements, statements or strategic plans, is simply enormous, and the engaged delegations – large. Imagine several-to-over-a-dozen investors, each one hiring a considerable number of specialists responsible for the analysis of documents and providing advice, like lawyers, analysts, financiers or Corporate Finance advisors, all of them working in distant locations. Not to mention the risk of losing control over documentation or sensitive data leakage.

Virtual reality – digital Due Diligence

  • VDRs revolutionize Due Diligence by allowing digital access to documents, enhancing efficiency, security, and competitiveness.
  • Offered as a SaaS, VDRs require only a computer and web browser, with the service provider handling all IT responsibilities.

In order to streamline the process, Virtual Data Room (VDR) applications were developed – they allow to organize research in an electronic form by providing access to electronic versions of documents from anywhere on earth, at any time of day or night.

This solution allows to enhance the process (once a document is scanned, it can be reused many times without the need for reprinting or photocopying), increase its competitiveness (the possibility of conducting research by several potential investors simultaneously) and provides a much higher level of security (access to documents using a secure encrypted connection, only for authorized users, full control of the process thanks to reports of investor activity and more).

VDR is offered in a SaaS model (Software as a Service) which basically means that in order to use the application you need only a computer and a web browser. The entire IT responsibility (infrastructure, data, software, security) is on the service provider.

Safety first

  • VDRs provide banking-level security for information flow, ensuring that sensitive documents are shared securely and with strict access control.
  • Advanced security features include Digital Rights Management to prevent unauthorized document modification or removal.

Virtual Data Room guarantees the level of security of information flow equal to the security of electronic banking services. This can ensure that confidential data does not fall into the wrong hands. It is a tool that allows the necessary, often sensitive documents to be made available to all the involved parties in a structured and – most importantly – safe way.

To maintain control, strict access rights are being established, e.g. information from the finance department can only be made available to specialists in this field. Moreover, the system allows more advanced restrictions, such as: blocking the option of saving documents on hard drive or printing them, or applying a watermark on the files, which in case of taking a screenshot will identify the user who has committed the system abuse. The Digital Rights Management model also eliminates the risk of unauthorized removal or modification of documents.

What about effective communication and process control?

  • VDRs facilitate communication between transaction parties through dedicated forums and provide detailed activity reports for better process control.
  • These capabilities are crucial for Due Diligence analysis and managing potential disputes.

This is only a fraction of VDR capabilities relevant from the point of view of Due Diligence analysis and the needs of its participants. Equally important are the functions that enable communication between two sides of the transaction (dedicated “Questions & Answers” forum, which ensures confidentiality of the discussion) or advanced user activity reports that allow to evaluate which areas of company activity are most popular with the investors or which user is the most interested in the transaction. The reports can also be used as an evidence in case of any potential disagreements or claims in the future.

Data Room with support included

  • VDRs come with dedicated support for organizing the Due Diligence process, making them superior to basic file-sharing solutions.
  • They streamline the audit process, enhance its effectiveness, and extend the geographical range of transactions without additional costs.

Unquestionable advantage of Data Room is the fact that it is offered along with support for proper organization of Due Diligence processes. It is this expertise that makes this system incomparable to any other file sharing solutions (such as ftp). A dedicated customer service team can assist clients in managing the system itself and uploading documents, so the client can focus on transaction and negotiations.

Opinions of companies working on M&A transactions prove that Virtual Data Rooms are currently the crucial part of Due Diligence, guaranteeing transparency and user friendly management of the purchase/sale process. Successfully conducted transactions confirm that it is a great replacement for physical rooms filled with paper documents. They significantly shorten the time of the company’s audit, increase its effectiveness and provide complete security of confidential data.

They also enable to extend the geographical range of transactions by inviting a larger number of foreign Investors to participate in the process without incurring any additional costs.


Why is the traditional approach to due diligence less effective than a VDR?The traditional approach, based on physical data rooms, is time-consuming and expensive, especially when the parties involved are located at great distances from each other. It also requires the involvement of a large number of specialists and carries the risk of losing control over documents and leaking information.
What are the main benefits of using a VDR in due diligence?The main benefits are: increased efficiency of the process, higher level of data security, the ability to manage the process and communicate in real time, and reduced costs associated with the traditional approach.
Does the VDR provide an adequate level of security for sensitive data?Yes, VDRs guarantee security at a level comparable to online banking services, offering advanced protection features such as encrypted connections, strict access rights, restrictions on printing and saving documents, and a digital rights management system.
How does the VDR support communication and control of the due diligence process?VDRs offer dedicated tools, such as a Q&A forum for confidential communication, and advanced user activity reports which allow for the assessment of investor interest and effective control over the process.
Does using a VDR involve additional support?Yes, VDRs are often offered in a package with support, which facilitates the organization of the Due Diligence process. This support includes assistance in system management, document loading and overall process organization, allowing you to focus on transaction execution and negotiations.

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