31 . 10 . 2019

Security Rules of Safety Policy in FORDATA VDR

31 . 10 . 2019

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Research conducted by American experts in the field of data security and computer systems indicates that over 80% of threats in the IT system are generated by its users. The FORDATA team is aware that even well-secured infrastructure has no chance against any infection resulting from human error. That is why at FORDATA we pay special attention to safety policy and each employee knows and complies with applicable safety rules perfectly.

10 golden rules for Employee safety

  1. Report information security incidents ASAP
  2. Protect FORDATA information (ensure its confidentiality, integrity and availability)
  3. Make information public with permission from:
    Commissioner for Information Security
    Owner of Appropriate Resources
  4. Follow the clean desk, screen and printer rule
    # delete saved flipcharts after meetings
    # lock the computer screen after leaving the desk
  5. When working remotely, remember to:
    # lock your computer during breaks and not leave it unattended
    # secure your home internet network and not share your company computer with third parties
    # avoid working in public places where there is a high risk of disclosure
  6. You are personally responsible for the confidentiality of all access passwords to IT systems
    # recommended password consists of min. 8 characters: including 1 lowercase a, 1 uppercase A, 1 digit and a special character
    # password is periodically changed (at least once every six months)
  7. Observe the safety rules when using e-mail:
    # do not open letters and attachments that may contain a virus
    # don’t post harmful or offensive content via email
  8. Use only the FORDATA network. Protect FORDATA electronic media
    # delete outdated data and keep current data with due care
    # in case the data cannot be deleted from the medium, mechanically destroy it
  9. Back up to FORDATA external disk
  10. Use a laptop and FORDATA mobile devices, you may use them only to perform your business tasks
    # use systems and applications that increase the security of processed information
    # when using mobile devices (phones, smartphones, tablets), use anti-virus software

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