14 . 04 . 2022

GOOD PRACTICE FORDATA system reports - all news in a nutshell

14 . 04 . 2022

The new version 5.0 of the FORDATA system has been well-received by our users. Working in VDR has become even faster and more convenient, mainly due to the modern SPA standard (single page application), which allows you to change views and save changes in the application without having to reload the entire window each time – which significantly speeds up your work.

What will you find in this article?

This groundbreaking update is accompanied by a significant lifting of the application, which put in the first place the improvements in UX, and completely new functions, the implementation of which we have planned to introduce in several stages. This time, we will focus on the recently completed changes implemented in the VDR reports. And we have a lot to be proud of!Reports available in the FORDATA system – both for the administrator and for users – are an exceptionally valued functionality that allows, among other things, to:

For the Administrator:For the User::
See who and for how long displayed a given document, printed it or saved itCheck which documents and folders are the most/least popular in their group
Check which users log in to the system, when and for how longCheck which documents have not been viewed by users at all
Easy comparison of group access rights
Comparing activity of many groups/investors

Thanks to reports, administrators have full insight into the activity of each group and user. Users invited to the system can, in turn, better organize the work of their teams.

What changes were made in each of the reports to make these benefits even more accessible?

1. New views for tables and filtering

Part of the reports in the categories:

  • Access rights (reports: Users deleted, Changes to user access rights, Changes to group access rights, Changes of access rights</strong to documents and folders)
  • History of documents and folders (reports: Documents and folders deleted, Documents and folders)
  • User and group activity (reports: Summary of my group activity)

has received new views for tables and has undergone polishing of filtering options, which now have a more compact layout and do not pop up in an extra window. In addition, above the tables you will notice an information icon with the description of the report being viewed at the moment, which will be especially useful for new users. Some reports now also have the option to hide the column showing the document path when it is not needed at a given moment – and the paths themselves can be copied to the clipboard with one click after hovering over them with the cursor. The highlighted table records are now also clearer, for even greater working comfort.
New: The “Documents and Folders Deleted” report has become part of the “Document and Folder History” report and it is displayed as one of the events in the “Event” column.

Tables – new view
Tables – old view

2. New charts

We have also introduced significant improvements to diagrams. We have equipped the “Documents unopened by my group”, “Popular documents and folders”, “Groups activity over time”, “Summary of my group activity” and “User logins” reports with new, clearer charts showing more information with fewer clicks. For example, here’s how the graph of the “Summary of my group activity” report has changed:

Now administrators have a thorough overview of the number of displayed and undisplayed documents thanks to two separate horizontal columns, and they do not need to make extra moves to get this information when comparing user activity of a given group. Previously, the exact number of documents was displayed each time the cursor was hovered over a given column.

3. The report "Comparison of access rights to files" - a new tree, more groups to compare

We decided to equip the report comparing the rights to display, save and print documents for individual groups with an aesthetic tree view, modeled after the “Access rights” tab, which clearly indicates which groups the current view applies to.

Previously, group names were displayed vertically above their respective columns. Now they will be conveniently numbered from 1 to 10, and the balloons with their number and name can be conveniently detached when we want to exclude a given group from the list. Additionally, the maximum number of groups that can be compared at one time has increased (from 7 to 10).

Former view of “Comparison of access rights to files”
New Report View “Comparison of access rights to files”

From the perspective of users and administrators, most changes to reports are intended to improve user experience. These are modern, more friendly views, more convenient filtering options and – most of all – the increased speed of viewing reports provided by the new application standard. Administrators will receive extended functions and charts, which are a definite response to the needs of Project Managers.

We wish you fruitful work with the novelties from FORDATA!

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