15 . 09 . 2023

M&A The Shifting Landscape of Gaming M&A: A Tale of Investments, Acquisitions, and Emerging Trends

15 . 09 . 2023

The gaming industry, a realm that has continually pushed the boundaries of technology and entertainment, is no stranger to transformation. In the dynamic world of M&A, this sector is proving to be a captivating arena with its own set of trends, challenges, and opportunities. The Q2 of 2023 has seen a confluence of factors shaping the gaming M&A landscape, revealing both the resilience and adaptability of this market.

Investments in Flux

The trajectory of the gaming industry’s investment landscape has been anything but predictable. Q1 2023, marked by a cooling-off period from the frenetic growth during the Covid-boom, saw investments dip significantly. According to the DDM Agency analysis, total investments amounted to $755.2 million across 144 transactions, showcasing a big drop from previous quarters. The numbers, however, reveal a picture of change rather than stagnation. This decline in investments, by nearly 40.7% from the previous quarter, might signal a maturing market where participants are now more selective in their choices.

The dominance of mobile platforms, comprising 15% of game investments in Q1 2023, is indicative of evolving player preferences. Although the percentage might seem modest, the rise of mobile games can’t be ignored. Investors such as Magic Eden, BITKRAFT Ventures, and Play Ventures demonstrated a keen interest in mobile gaming, illustrating the sector’s promise even within the shifting investment landscape.

M&A Dynamics

While investments underwent a transformation, M&A painted a contrasting story. Q1’s M&A activity recorded a substantial drop of 91.9%, totaling $415 million across 40 transactions. These numbers, however, might not be telling the entire tale, with a significant 93% of these deals being undisclosed in terms of value. Such a trend hints at a market that is recalibrating itself, with companies looking to acquire assets more discreetly while navigating the changing winds of the industry.

The Savvy Players

Enter the second quarter of 2023, where the gaming M&A narrative continued to unfold with nuances that highlight the sector’s inherent dynamism. The Drake Star Global Gaming Market Report unveils intriguing facets of this evolving landscape. Early stage funding and M&A transactions are trending as gaming companies adjust their strategies to the times. While the number of private funding deals in Q2 declined by 7%, the general health of financing activity remains intact, and industry experts like Michael Metzger, a partner at Drake Star, emphasize the opportunities that are still abound.

Bitkraft Ventures emerges as a leading player, having closed 15 deals in the first half of 2023. The shifting landscape also introduces a new contender: Savvy Games Group. This group, armed with a $38 billion fund, steps into the void left by Embracer’s reorganization and investment pause. Savvy’s interest in acquiring companies and making minority investments in public giants like EA and Nintendo reflects their ambitions and the broader industry’s adaptability.

Situation on the polish domestic market

Poland became a significant player in the global gaming market some time ago, and domestic productions in the form of The Witcher or CyberPunk 2077 are on the lips of the entire gaming world. CD Projekt’s games have already brought in almost one billion PLN, selling a total of 75 million copies. Other Polish studios, such as Forever Entertainment, have seen their revenues increase fifteenfold in five years, reaching €10 million. The results are also followed by the scale of employment – the Polish industry employs more than 15,300 developers, placing it second in Europe, just after the UK. The success is certainly helped by relatively low taxation, namely the R&D tax credit and the IP Box relief.

Polish games are popular on the top platform Steam, ranking second on users’ wish lists and accounting for as much as 15.2 percent of the list of the 200 most anticipated games. The Polish industry is developing dynamically, attracting attention around the world, including from investors. It is only a matter of time when we will hear about big deals within the Polish gaming industry.

Looking Ahead

The intriguing blend of ups and downs in the gaming M&A sector prompts us to peer into the future. The alignment of public gaming stocks with the market’s overall performance, coupled with the FTC’s green light for Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, adds a dose of optimism. This industry-defining deal has the potential to reduce uncertainty and pave the way for more significant developments in the coming quarters.

Drake Star’s forecasts are also promising, with the anticipation that more opportunities for IPOs will emerge in late 2023 or early 2024. As gaming companies align their trajectories with the broader market, these opportunities could act as a catalyst for later stage startups seeking funding.


The gaming M&A landscape is in the throes of change, adapting to both internal dynamics and external influences. The shifts witnessed in investments and acquisitions indicate a market maturing from the unprecedented boom experienced during the pandemic. While the cooling-off period may seem like a lull, it’s a testimony to the industry’s resilience and ability to recalibrate for sustainable growth.

As early-stage startups gain prominence, and industry giants redefine their strategies, the gaming M&A sector continues to present a fascinating narrative. With players like Bitkraft Ventures and Savvy Games Group leading the charge, and industry dynamics like mobile gaming shaping investor interest, the gaming industry is set to continue its journey as a transformative force in the world of M&A.

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