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New version of FORDATA Virtual Data Room

With satisfaction we present you with the changes we made!

What is our new system like?

FORDATA System Reponsiveness


New version of FORDATA Virtual Data Room system was designed to make using our VDR a convenient and enjoyable experience. Whether you are working on:

the displayed page will adjust its size and layout to the screen and resolution of your device.


he new interface is designed to provide you with all the tools and information you need to self-configure and operate the system, and at the same time minimizing the learning process.


Our main goal while designing the new interface was to increase the usability and efficiency of our system for better user experience. We achieved this by:


The new User Interface improves the user experience (the system itself remains noticeably faster), and its design is consistent with current trends.

The new attractive design with friendly colors is pleasing to the eye, and a non-standard graphic design is consistent with FORDATA’s corporate identity.

We achieved higher levels of performance and the system acceleration by improving the quality and optimizing the code of the application using state-of-the-art technologies and libraries.

What have we improved?


We have repositioned sub-menu and adequately assembled the tabs, which now can be found under the headline. Main menu is still on the left, but we have added the possibility of hiding it to make more room for displaying key data.

Hotkey bar

Is now located above the tables and attached to the sub-menu. You will find there all functionalities needed in a given view (buttons, filters, data export, search tools). We have moved there functions (e.g. add documents/user/group), which until recently were available in side menu.


Are now available under one button and therefore use of many filters at once is faster and filters themselves take less space. Applied filtering criteria are visible above the tables and they can be freely changed or hidden.


Wizards – an absolute innovation in new VDR. Two key wizards are: creating a group in 2 steps and Q&A configuration in 4 steps. From now you are able to arrange / set up the system with no need for training!


Blue clouds have appeared in wizards. They explain whether a given function must be configured now or can be changed later. They also guide you on which step should be taken next.


Help understand, how a specific functionality works or how to achieve expected final result. Tooltips display after moving a cursor over the ‘i’ icon.

More intuitive than ever. See FORDATA VDR in action!

Users & Access Rights

In order to increase efficiency of the system and transparency of presented information in ‘Users’ and ‘Access rights’ tabs, we introduced new options:

Access to documents

You can now access 'Documents structure', 'List of documents' and 'Edit Structure' from the Documents tab. Documents structure is easier to work with. List of documents is responsive, so you can complete your tasks with ease, no matter how big or small your device is.

Document search

Is now available in 'Documents' tab. You can search by: a file name, or a keyword within a document. Accessing search bar is possible from both 'Documents structure' and 'List of documents'.

Notifications about new documents

Have been added to the headline to provide you with a better access to relevant information. Click on the icon if you want to see the full list of new files.

Document upload

In accordance with the best practices, upload function is now available in hotkey bar in ‘Documents’ section. It is available under ‘Add documents’ button.

Structure edition

In order to improve the usability of moving files in documents structure, we introduced two new mechanisms, which allow you to get a better idea of where the file has been moved:

Reports cockpit

The new VDR Reports tab has been equipped with an up-to-date cockpit, showing all reports available for you.

Each report has now a description, indicating for what purpose it can be used. Reports are available in the form of a chart and a table.

Modern charts

New charts has been designed so that they are quickly rendered and can be displayed on both mobile devices, and standard web browsers. Depending on your preferences, you can hide the chart to access the data provided in the table faster.


Filters are now available collectively under a single button, which makes the use of many filters at once much faster and the filters themselves take up less space. Charts dynamically adapt to the applied filtering.

Alerts about new documents (common settings)

Project Managers may enable/disable automatic alerts about new documents in VDR and set a frequency of sending the alerts in 'VDR Management' tab.

Alerts about new documents (individual preferences)

User may disable the option under the Account settings section.

Account settings

This is a completely new view in the system - available in the upper right corner of the page. Here you can enable/disable the option of receiving alerts, but also change your password and the language version of the VDR.

Q&A Management and Q&A Wizard

The Q&A Wizard is a breakthrough feature in our new system. This simple wizard allows you to configure the entire Q&A forum in 4 easy steps - choose the right Q&A model for your business process, assign Q&A Roles to users and create Q&A Teams.

Tooltips and hints will guide you through the entire configuration process step by step. If you want to configure Q&A later in teh future, there is a new "Q&A Teams&Roles" section, which provides you with all the key information on Q&A settings. Here you can manage Q&A Teams and assign Q&A Roles to users.

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