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FORDATA Viewer now also in the mobile version for Android!

Do you divide your work between the office, home and sometimes even a taxi? Now viewing documents in Virtual Data Room will be even more convenient, no matter where you are. Download the latest FORDATA Viewer application for Android in the Google Play store!

What will you find in this article?

Safe and more convenient viewing of documents on the phone

With the new mobile version of FORDATA Viewer for Android phones, your confidential project documents will always be at hand and always fully safe. Our application allows you to access files in PDF format with unprecedented ease.

Due to the growing need for mobility and remote work of experts involved in projects using Virtual Data Room, the launch of the mobile app was a matter of time. We decided to start production on Android, because it is the system most of the users invited to the projects work on, but the application will also be available on other systems.
Of course, working on the phone was possible before. Now, however, we have decided to focus even more on convenience. Viewing documents with the FORDATA Viewer application ensures complete confidentiality of information and the comfort of conducting the most sensitive processes, which gives you additional control when you need to quickly find specific information. It may happen, after all, that you need to recall some entries in the documentation on the way to the client or during a conversation. Now it can be done much easier.
One of the most important advantages of the application is the fact that now, when logging into the VDR system on mobile devices, you can perform the same activities that you previously performed on a computer or laptop. Saving, downloading or printing files is available more easily on Android, depending on the permissions you have.

What are the benefits of FORDATA Viewer?

FORDATA Viewer is a slightly simplified version of a regular viewer. With the application it is possible to, i.e.:

A breath of fresh air in mobile viewing

Significant changes have also been introduced in the mobile views of the browser-based Virtual Data Room system. We use the best UX practices to make your work on the phone even faster and more enjoyable. Now navigation is smoother, and tables are much easier to read. You can also rapidly contact our Customer Service Team thanks to the chat connection module, which takes the project management process to a whole new level.
The FORDATA Viewer application for Android is the next step in increasing the safety of working with the Virtual Data Room system on mobile devices. Go to Google Play and download the FORDATA Viewer now!

FORDATA Viewer for Android!

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