FORDATA VDR 5.0 - new version now available.
Even faster system and better UX. More info

Tailor-made Virtual Data Room functions

Genial Simplicity

Forget useless options.
Find tools you need easily and save time.

Only useful tools at hand

We don’t overload our system with functions you will never use. Hundreds of deals we made showed us what Virtual Data Room systems should really provide – speed and peace of mind. This is why our interface guides you through the process smoothly, with bulk options that help upload documents, create user groups and give them access rights almost instantly.

FORDATA System Reponsiveness

Provide access to files from all over the world on any device

Upload your documents, assign access permissions and share. Fast and easy

File protection

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deny access rights to save or print the files

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encrypted connection with native file viewer and uploader

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dynamic watermarks on documents, enabling to identify the user

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protection against Print screens

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"read-only" PDF documents

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protection against selecting and copying a piece of text

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viewing history is not being saved in user’s computer cache

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scanning against viruses while uploading files

Secure your excel files with guarantee that their content will not be modified or copied

Meet a system full of intuitive functions!

Flexible users rights management

Speed of use thanks to mass operations

Pleasant work with documents

Advanced activity reports

Follow the progress, control the process, discover true intentions of your prospective partners




Provide secure and controlled communication with the other party of the process

It enables easy management of a large number of questions from potential partners e.g. investors.

Provide tools to search for files or key phrases within documents

What distinguishes VDR among other document exchange systems?

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Security standards on electronic banking level

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Possibility to deny such access rights as file saving or printing

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"Read-only" pdfs

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Dynamic watermarks protecting documents

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Protection against modification of Excels

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Q&A module, enabling secure and confidential communication

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Encrypted DVD with Data Room contents at the end of the project

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Customer Service Department 24/7 support (documents upload and Data Room management on behalf of the client)

Protect your sensitive data like thousands of companies
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