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FORDATA VDR Christmas cooking lesson

Four teams, four dishes to cook and a chef masterfully able to tame culinary emotions. On the occasion of the upcoming holidays, we drove the whole team to The Kitchen Studio to have a good time and see how we handle cooking. See how it went.

How many IT professionals do you need to make a salmon appetizer? It turns out that FORDATA IT team members are great at both “putting out fires” in the system and ensuring that this entirely real fire does not cause a disaster. In the hands of Artur, the gas burner turned out to be a magic tool for making exquisite fish snacks served with oriental sauce and pickled vegetables, which we consumed in the blink of an eye. And this is just the beginning of the feast.

Welcome to The Kitchen Studio

The Kitchen Studio is located on the outskirts of Poznań and arranged just like a television studio, in which the stations shoot their popular culinary formats. There, a full range of kitchen tools, pots, mixers, ovens and shockers awaits the excited participants in the slightly industrial interiors illuminated by sharp LED lights – just roll up your sleeves and get to work. Fortunately, the dishes that came out of our hands in these professional circumstances were not subjected to too strict an assessment, and Mr. Krystian – the owner of the kitchen – made sure that everything went in the right direction and shared heaps of pro tips. On the amount of water needed to cook the lentils, on the perfect gyoza, on how fresh fish won’t remember fingerprints. Both total amateurs (like the author of this text) and those much more experienced could learn from this confrontation, extracting knowledge necessary in every kitchen.

We care for good culinary practices!

The chef divided us into four teams, each of which had the task to prepare one of the planned dishes. What was on the menu? The already mentioned salmon followed by mushroom broth with noodles and roasted vegetables, sous vide corn chicken fillet and lentil dumplings for the main course, and, finally, tapioca and panna cotta on a poppy-seed bed served with plum sauce. The level of difficulty might have been be lower than the recipe for baked Alaska or the cutting of poisonous fugu fish, but demanding enough for us to have a lot fun. As in every kitchen, there was a lot of laughter and positive mess. The proportions of all ingredients were exactly indicated so we could manage the products in accordance with the spirit of zero waste, with some of us learning, for example, about the existence of chips made from the skin of freshly filleted salmon. A good cook won’t waste a thing!

However, it was not without classic slip-ups. Salt instead of sugar makes a colossal difference in the case of dessert, add to the list also the shitake mushrooms balancing on the border of scorching and decoction which was enough for half of the planned portions of soup. But we have been through worse. Finally, we stood up to the challenge. The turmoil stopped, dirty utensils were professionally brought to order by brave kitchen staff, and chef Krystian made the final touches. All the dishes made a huge impression on us (eggplant in sesame!). And no one came home hungry. The whole was infused with a great atmosphere of creative chaos, which turned out to be the most important ingredient.

We will remember the time spent in The Kitchen Studio really well. On the occasion of the upcoming holidays and the New Year’s Eve, we wish you many positive emotions, including, of course, those culinary ones! Meanwhile, we invite you to browse the gallery of our final company meeting A.S. 2019.

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