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FORDATA Team – New people in 2020!

In 2020, our team was joined by six great new people. Meet Jakub, Łukasz, Ewelina, Paulina, Laura and Arkadiusz, who shared their stories and told us what their new roles at FORDATA are. It’s great to have you on board, guys!
Our Customer Service Team strengthened its ranks profoundly in 2020. Jakub, Laura and Paulina joined FORDATA as Junior Specialists to support our clients’ projects and their daily use of VDR tools.

Jakub, you joined us first. What can you tell about yourself?

Jakub: I am a student at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. My field of study is Croatian philology with a specialization in translation. I chose this destination because I love traveling, especially in the Balkans, and learning new languages. Croatian language grew on me during one of my trips to Croatia, when I had no idea about it yet. But whenever I visit a new country, I have a habit of checking basic words that can help me communicate. It was like that with Croatia, although I think that the Balkan climate plus the local language, which only seemingly is similar to Polish, really charmed me. Since then, I have been developing my language skills in this direction.
I would like to transform the language skills that I am constantly developing into professional successes. I am committed to constantly improving my competences. Working at FORDATA allows me to develop both my language and communication skills.
My greatest passion, however, is home brewing. From the selection of bottles, through the production process, to bottling and tasting. I surely can tell about myself that I am a beer freak. Besides, I am interested in technical innovations and computer modification. In my spare time I play board games.

Paulina and Laura, we are so pleased that you too joined the team! How did you make this decision?

Laura: I am a student of the University of Economics in Poznań, majoring in Management and Production Engineering. I would like to develop my skills and gain experience in the broadly understood business sector, and in the future to become an ISO 9001 auditor. Currently, I am trying to expand my knowledge in the field of quality management. FORDATA is a place where I am able to develop this area in practice.
Paulina: I studied International Relations at Adam Mickiewicz University with the specialization in World Economy and International Business. In turn, during my master’s studies, I dealt with the Middle East. The choice of this direction is related to my passion for travel. In my opinion, knowledge of the basics of diplomacy can help in business relations, which is why I am in FORDATA. 🙂 The basis for me is mutual understanding, I appreciate the diversity of ideas and I would like to build these values ​​with my team.

And what do you do in your free time?

Laura: In my free time I do sports, rollerblade, swim, and in winter – I go skiing. Travels that relax, but most of all develop and broaden my horizons are my passion. During the week, I also try to find time for painting, which, unfortunately, I have neglected a bit recently.
Paulina: Many people tell me that I am the true soul of the North. This is because my passion has been Scandinavia and the Nordic culture for a very long time. I love the local wild and breathtaking nature, matched by, among others, Saami culture, the only European indigenous people. I devote a lot of time to this subject and the situation in the Arctic in general, in various aspects. I am committed to supporting the sensitive culture there, which is the source of inspiring and valuable knowledge. I also wrote my master’s thesis on this topic. As part of my activity, in my spare time I do figure skating. I also like mountain climbing.

The year 2020 saw two new IT specialists join FORDATA. Łukasz, Arkadiusz, tell us about yourselves!

Arkadiusz: I am a graduate of Electrical Engineering at the Poznań University of Technology, specializing in Electrical and IT Systems in Industry and Vehicles. For several years I worked as a .NET developer. I am constantly learning and getting to know new things. From the beginning of my work as a programmer, I worked in software houses. At FORDATA, I am responsible for supporting the IT department in the development of VDR applications.
One of my passions is sport, particularly football, running and squash. I love traveling and meeting new places. So far, I have been able to visit 20 countries and I hope that this list will keep growing. In my spare time, I also like to sit in front of the TV and check Netflix, news or write my own apps. I can’t say much about applications yet, because I make them “for fun” to learn something about other technologies – they are rather small projects made for my own sake.
Łukasz: I am a graduate of computer science at the Poznań University of Technology, where I specialized in the security of operating systems. I chose this direction because I found it to be the most technical subject for me. And it was this that I wanted to tie my future with. My goal is to broaden my knowledge of programming, and this area is… really big. In my spare time, I play football recreationally. I am passionate about football and I try to keep up to date with what is happening in the football world. I like to spend my holidays in the mountains, getting to know new trails and peaks.

In 2020, our office got support from Ewelina, who, as a Sales Administration and Support Specialist, continues her career which revolves around broadly understood security. The right person in the right place! Ewelina, how did it all start?

Ewelina: I am a graduate of National Security at the University of Security in Poznań. After graduation, I developed my skills and gained experience in administrative work at my alma mater. There, I took care of the safe circulation of documents and data security. It can be said that safety has always been in my area of ​​interest.
Now I would like to transfer my administrative experience to work at FORDATA and develop my sales skills. At the moment, I support sales in back-office tasks. We’ll see what the future holds. Additionally, my goal is to broaden my knowledge of information security.
At FORDATA, I take care of the daily organization of the office and manage the circulation of documents. I prepare analyzes and reports and support the Management Board and the associates in current and urgent administrative matters. I take care of information security standards in the office in accordance with ISO 27 001.
In my spare time I love creating toys and decorations for children. They are all handmade. My achievements include wooden carousels for baby cots, manipulation boards, sensory toys and decorations for children’s rooms. In addition, in my free time I also sew children’s clothes. The tester of all toys and clothes is my two-year-old daughter Inga.
Guys, we are glad that you joined us and we keep our fingers crossed for your development at FORDATA!

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