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Data Room free of charge? Help fight against the coronavirus!

Like many companies, we have also recently gone into remote work mode. But we can undoubtedly speak of luck during this difficult time. As a company selling a virtual product, we are able to work from home without major obstacles, in accordance with the business continuity plan, and continue to offer services in 100% quality. However, we know that not every entrepreneur has such an opportunity. There are also optimization or restructuring processes that must be carried out in conditions that make it difficult to visit the company’s headquarters.

FORDATA has been supporting good information protection practices for 11 years, and our mission is to improve the security of documents shared online. As a company which is particularly concerned with the principles of corporate social responsibility, we feel obliged to support entrepreneurs at a time when so many companies are switching to remote work and encountering difficulties related to maintaining an appropriate level of security of business information, confidential documents and HR documents. Work from home may violate a number of laws, including GDPR, but also expose the enterprise to the risk of losing strategic information.

Donate to any fundraiser - get a Data Room for free for 1 month

Stopping the virus is our common responsibility. We can do it, among others, thanks to remote work. That is why companies that only have such an opportunity should operate online today. With the VDR system, they gain an excellent tool for secure and convenient sharing of documents inside and outside the organization. We hope that this will affect the comfort of work in these unexpected conditions, and will also allow companies to perform tasks that are much more difficult in the current situation (e.g. audits at customer premises, restructuring processes).

We started a campaign that aims at helping the fight against coronavirus. Any company that supports a fundraiser or show what action it has already taken to fight COVID-19 will receive a voucher for a free month with FORDATA VDR Lite with no additional obligations, redeemable until December 31, 2020. During this time, you will be able to freely carry out projects in the system with your partners, colleagues, auditors, trustee, bank or investor. Our system works everywhere where it is a necessity to securely organize the circulation of sensitive information in an online environment, regardless of where the user is located. FORDATA VDR is a system used on a daily basis, among others, by financial advisors, financial institutions, auditors, law firms and investment funds. Just send us proof of your support against coronavirus (details here) and you are ready to go!

FORDATA VDR Lite can be adapted to any project. It is possible to extend the offer for another month, without restrictions, if the process extends for a longer period (after the free month a regular price list will apply). You will not lose the effects of work in the system during this time and you will maintain business continuity.

It doesn’t really matter in which industry your company operates. Sharing sensitive data that simply cannot fall into the hands of unauthorized persons applies to virtually every enterprise. We work with companies from various environments: energy, life science, commercial real estate, the Treasury, as well as with small family businesses. What connects all these entities is the need to take care of the security of confidential information. We believe that this is a universal problem and it also applies to your company. If it wasn’t for this need, we wouldn’t be where we are now.

As a leading provider of the Virtual Data Room in CEE & Baltics region, we want to contribute to the dissemination of both tools and good practices for the protection of digital information. This feeling has been with us for over a decade. Together with our partners, we published the Code of Good Transaction Practices in 2015, in which our experience was directed to specialists from the mergers and acquisitions industry. The next edition of the Code was prepared in terms of restructuring, so it was directed even stronger at business owners. It is hundreds of thousands of companies and the people employed in them that are today undergoing an economic crisis caused by the epidemic. Information security at the time of loss of liquidity is of great importance. Among other things, there is a need to exchange personnel, financial and strategic information, as well as continuity of work with documents containing confidential customer information. If we are able to support entrepreneurs at least in this matter, our task will be completed.

How to use the Virtual Data Room?

Virtual Data Room is a standard tool used in mergers and acquisitions. However, we know that in the current situation it is able to bring benefits to all companies that must take up organizational, investment or HR challenges, while direct contact with partners or co-workers in the company’s headquarters or offices is difficult.

Many companies are currently facing the challenge of closing the market. This unexpected situation may require unplanned and often necessary actions that will allow the company to survive. We are talking about taking restructuring steps, where it may be necessary to look for sources of investment. With the Data Room tool, you’ll be able to securely share your company’s confidential documents for prospective partners or banks when applying for credit – just like it is done in merger and acquisition processes that the VDR system supports on a daily basis. Data Room will also be necessary in the case of cooperation with a trustee, thanks to which creditors will be informed in a safe and systematic way about the progress of the process.

Especially in the case of large capital groups, where strategic decisions are made by a larger number of people, the VDR system will also support the circulation of personnel information in the case of, e.g. employment restructuring decisions. The Data Room will ensure full confidentiality of documents and conversations and will streamline this process.

We see the enormity of responsibilities that companies must undertake today in connection with changing their business strategies. They also apply to various types of optimization decisions that are made together with advisers and lawyers working for the company. We are talking about project management processes, logistics, customer acquisition, recruitment and others. The effectiveness of these processes is associated with reduced costs and time savings. Document exchange, often critical to the company’s security, also requires appropriate channels. The Data Room system is a tool launched by a regular browser, therefore it does not require implementation and involvement of IT specialists, but as a dedicated tool, the level of protection it provides exceeds both email and ftp servers. Thanks to it, you will provide all strategic information to your advisors, lawyers and colleagues in a controlled and easy way 24/7. More information on how to create a document repository from VDR can be found in the article “What is an electronic document repository?”

VDR system with full support

The FORDATA system is ready to secure the flow of information in your company. At the level of electronic banking and maintaining the highest industry standards, no matter what the enterprise does. We encourage you to read the information on the system functions page, where you will learn more about how the VDR service works. We will make every effort to ensure that our product meets your need for security.

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