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A Christmas Eve like no other!

A dinner together, a knowledge contest about the people and the company, and finally a mini-gardening workshop. As always, Christmas Eve at FORDATA was full of attractions, all fully online and without leaving your home. We closed 2020 in a nice atmosphere and although traditionally there is no snow, we were able to feel the real holiday atmosphere.

It’s ten in the morning and Ewelina has already picked up the order from the restaurant and is now on her way to Zyta, who has the most difficult task of waiting five hours in the company of tempting Christmas Eve treats before Ewelina reaches Artur at quarter to three, and then her house, so that we can join consumption in full squad. She was great as Santa – hats off, or rather on, because the meal was accompanied by a set of Christmas gifts, including obligatory Santa hats 😀

Dig up the garden slippers still on

It’s not such an unusual situation to eat in front of the computer, is it now? It happens even to the best of us. This time, however, it could not be otherwise. Although some of us remember very well cooking together in the Kitchen Studio a year ago and all the fun it brought, we understood the seriousness of the situation. When it finally ends, we will certainly make up for the months of isolation but meeting on screen was not a substitute form at all – Asia did everything to provide maximum entertainment.

The gifts included, among others, DIY garden-in-a-jar sets (soil, sand, pebbles, total authenticity), and since we are not afraid to get our hands dirty, between a bite of salmon and a bite of Christmas baking, we prepared drainage and experimented with the level of ground density, so that the plants we now need to take care of have the best conditions for growth. See the effects of our efforts yourself!

How well do you know the FORDATA brand?

The biggest challenge, however, was undoubtedly the quiz. This year, many great people joined us, and as our integration possibilities are limited, Asia had organized a mobile knowledge contest about the company and colleagues. What is Ola Porębska-Nowak’s favorite coffee? What winter sport does Ola Prusator prefer? What language is the backend of our VDR application written in? The answers are: milk, snowboard, C#. It turned out that Marianna knows the most about us, which is why the main prize – a box of fruits – went straight to her. Congrats, Marianna!

It was nice to spend three hours with a bunch of such great folks and forget about this year’s inconveniences for a moment. We hope that next year we will not have to use euphemisms and the pandemic will actually become just a bad memory – and we will all meet face to face in real life.

On the occasion of the upcoming holidays, we wish you respite and peace of mind, and in the New Year - self-fulfilling plans. Ho, ho, ho!

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