CEE & DACH Expert Webinar

28.09.2022, 14:00 CET
Get the latest knowledge from top economy experts
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Once again, we will meet to share the newest perspectives on the CEE economy, focusing on M&A, investment markets and dealmaking.
Specialists from Grant Thornton, Value4Capital, JP Weber, Pandion Partners, Path2Capital, Nobles, and KNORR Rechtsanwälte will discuss recent facts, factors, and sentiments.
Get the first-hand knowledge from top advisors in Europe. Ask question live. Collect an array of the highest quality insights into the CEE economy. Complete your knowledge with statistics, presentations and opinions. Get the full picture of what has shaped local markets in 2022 from the outside and the inside.
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What we bring to the table:

Our Experts:

Meet our team of vastly experienced international practicioners and advisors from Czech Republic, Germany, Romania, Poland and Ukraine. It’s a perfect opportunity to ask your economy-related questions about the CEE region.
Ruxandra Pietreanu <br><strong>Romania</strong>
Ruxandra Pietreanu

Managing Partner at Path2Capital

Bogdan Chirita <br><strong>Romania</strong>
Bogdan Chirita

Investment Director at Value4Capital

Katarzyna Buda <br><strong>Poland</strong>
Katarzyna Buda

Senior Manager at Grant Thornton

Piotr Kucharczyk <br><strong>Poland</strong>
Piotr Kucharczyk

CFA, Associate Partner at JP Weber

Dr. Jan J. Kruppa <br><strong>Germany</strong>
Dr. Jan J. Kruppa

Lawyer at KNORR Rechtsanwälte, Academic Lecturer

Michal Tesař <br><strong>Czech Republic</strong>
Michal Tesař
Czech Republic

Partner & Co-owner of NEWTON Business Development

Vasyl Fedorenko <br><strong>Ukraine</strong>
Vasyl Fedorenko

Senior Associate
at Nobles

Piotr Miszczyk <br><strong>Poland</strong>
Piotr Miszczyk

Senior Business Development Specialist at FORDATA

Agenda in a nutshell:

Join us on September 28th, 14:00 CET!