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The latest data from the polish M&A market
The subject of the global economic slowdown in 2020 was overshadowed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the serious damage to the economy, the coronavirus has not limited the number of M&A transactions in Poland. In the past year, this number increased significantly compared to the previous year - 229 against 179 transactions - although not due to the eects of the lockdown. It is a consequence of, among others, rapid development of the IT industry, financial services and renewable energy.
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Accelerates digitization and remote proesses

In 2020, due to the coronavirus, the trend of digitization of virtually every sector of the economy accelerated. New fin-tech solutions are gaining in importance, enabling more convenient online payments and investing in stocks or using blockchain technology, among other options. There is also an increasing demand for tools enabling the control of information flow and ensuring data security, such as the Virtual Data Room, which enables securing and accelerating the process of restructuring, auditing or financing companies. The VDR solution was used in 51% of all transaction processes carried out in the past year.

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We have been following the M&A market since 2014. Every quarter we describe the most interesting transactions from the Polish M&A market. We also observe the frequency of use of the Virtual Data Room tool in M&A transactions in Poland.
About the Authors

FORDATA is a pioneer on the Polish capital market. Based on Virtual Data Room technology, we support our clients in managing documents and communication during complex transactional processes, ie. M&A, IPO transactions, private equity investments, restructurings, projects associated with obtaining financing and privatizations in Poland and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

FORDATA systems increased safety and efficiency of hundreds of different types of transactions with a total value of over PLN 40 billion.

Navigator Capital along with Dom Maklerski Navigator (Navigator Brokerage House) is the leading independent financial adviser, specializing in mergers and acquisitions and public and private issues of stocks and bonds.

During 12 years of its market presence, Navigator Capital Group conducted over 70 transactions, of over 6 billion PLN total value.

Through cooperation with international network of advisory firms associated in the Pandion Partners, Navigator Capital effectively handles international transactions.

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