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Comparision plan



Key differences

Minimum period
1 month
3 month
12 months
Data Rooms available
Number of users
Amount of data
Technical support
9-17 CET (phone, e-mail)
24/7 (phone, e-mail)
24/7 (phone, e-mail)
Reaction time
15 sec. – phone, 15 min – e-mail
15 sec. – phone, 15 min – e-mail
Polish, English
Polish, English, Russian
Polish, English, Russian
Access options
FORDATA infrastructure
Local FORDATA servers or private FORDATA cloud
FORDATA infrastructure or FORDATA private cloud or implementation (client’s own IT environment)
Data storage
Local FORDATA servers
Local FORDATA servers or private FORDATA cloud
Local FORDATA servers or private FORDATA cloud or client’s server
Training in the system management during teleconference
Dedicated project link
Dedicated Project Manager
Dedicated Support Team
Loading documents to VDR on client’s behalf
Data Room management 24/7 on clinet’s behalf
Data Room archive on an encrypted DVD (after the project ends)
Document index pattern according to branch/type of business

Data Security

Encryption with 256-bit algorithm
Native viewer (no Flash)
Three types of access rights (viewing, saving, printing)
Block document saving on hard drive and printing
“Read-only” PDF, MS Office, JPG, DWG and more files
Dynamic watermarks
Block marking and copying pieces of text
Apply "Fence View"
Apply "Blur View"
Blocking Prt Sc key combination
Antivirus and blocking of potentially dangerous files
Permanent deletion of data after the project ends
Two-factor authentication (SMS)
Limit allowed IP addresses pool

Advanced activity reports

Users’ logins
Summary of my group activity
Popular documents and folders
Groups’ activity over time
Document and folder history
Comparison of access rights to files
Tabular and graph reports
Advanced filters
Export to Excel
Changes in the names of documents and folders
Documents and folders uploaded
Documents and folders deleted
Changes of access rights to documents and folders
Changes to group’s access rights
Changes to user’s access rights
Users deleted

Document management

All file types allowed (Office, pdf, jpg, mp4, html, dwg, dwf, other)
Drag&drop loading
Load single documents or entire folders
Give access rights to files at loading stage
Give access rights to single documents or folders
Automatic numbering of files and folders
Bulk operations – loading, giving access rights

User management

Create single users or import many users from Excel files
Give access rights per group of users
Give access rights to individual users
Create new groups with identical access rights using „Copy Group” function
Bulk operations – sending invitations, blocking access, sending notifications

Working on documents

Access on Windows and MAC OS (any browser)
No need to install plug-ins
Access documents using two clear view modes – Document Structure and Document List
Full Text Search – search for words inside documents without opening them
Automatic notifications about newly uploaded files
Search documents by name
Search documents by keywords (OCR)
Buffering of large files
Individual filters
Private notes


Q&A module for confidential communication between parties
Group discussions over particular documents or folders
E-mail alerts


Personalized NDAs which must be accepted by the users after they log in
Watermark personalization (adding of company logos and individual texts)
Personalization of content of automatic e-mails (eg. invitations)
System personalization (logo, colors)
Integration with client’s website
*all functions unavailable in VDR LITE version can be activated at extra cost. Contact Sales Department