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Plan comparison




Minimum period

1 month

3 month

12 months

Data Rooms available


Possibility to buy >1



Number of users


Possibility to buy >15
(Extra user - €16,
Extra 25 users - €120)



Amount of data


Buy extra transfer >1GB

Additional information*
2GB-5GB: EUR 165/1GB
6GB-10GB: EUR 123,75/1GB
>10GB: EUR 82,5/1GB

*monthly fee


Amount of data is adjusted to clients' requirements, starting from around 300 MB up to unlimited transfer.

Final price depends entirely on the amount of data loaded to VDR.


4 packages available: from 2GB to 80GB of data.

Technical support

9-17 CET (phone, e-mail)

24/7 (phone, e-mail)

24/7 (phone, e-mail)

Reaction time


15 sec. – phone, 15 min – e-mail

15 sec. – phone, 15 min – e-mail


Polish, English

Polish, English, Russian

Polish, English, Russian

Access options

FORDATA infrastructure

Local FORDATA servers or private FORDATA cloud

FORDATA infrastructure or FORDATA private cloud or implementation (client’s own IT environment)

Data storage
Local FORDATA servers
Local FORDATA servers or private FORDATA cloud
Local FORDATA servers or private FORDATA cloud or client’s server
Training in the system management during teleconference
Dedicated project link
It is an additional protection tool - the Internet address, under which Data Room is available, will be known only to authorized users, who received an invitation.
Dedicated Project Manager

Dedicated Support Team

Loading documents to VDR on client’s behalf
Data Room management 24/7 on clinet’s behalf
Data Room archive on an encrypted DVD (after the project ends)

Includes saving the content of Data Room on the encrypted data carrier (DVD disc or USB flash). The archive contains entire documentation, activity reports and Q&A content (only if Q&A module was active). Depending on client's preferences, FORDATA team can save the entire content of Data Room or content from the viewpoint of a selected group of users, e.g. Investor. The content is being confirmed by a protocol, issued by FORDATA as an entity independent of the transaction. As standard, client receives 2 sets – one for the Investor, one for the Company.

Document index pattern according to branch/type of business


Encryption with 256-bit algorithm

Native viewer (no Flash)

Three types of access rights (viewing, saving, printing)

Block document saving on hard drive and printing
“Read-only” PDF, MS Office, JPG, DWG and more files
Dynamic watermarks

Watermark allows to identify the user viewing a document. It is an extra protection against making screenshots. As standard, watermark contains e-mail address of the viewer, the date and the time of opening the file. You can buy a customization of a watermark, which means adding client’s logo and individual text, such as DO NOT COPY.

Block marking and copying pieces of text
Print screen lock

Antivirus and blocking of potentially dangerous files

Permanent deletion of data after the project ends

Two-factor authentication (SMS)

Limit allowed IP addresses pool
Users’ logins
The report compares time spent in the system by each separate group. Is also shows login history of all users, including logging of administrators to the FORDATA Uploader.

Summary of my group activity

Summary of my group activity report reveals history of activity of users from a specific group. It is possible to filter the report in a way that shows history of activity regarding a specific document (viewing, printing, saving) or a specific user within the group.
Popular documents and folders

The report contains information about the most and the least popular documents in VDR. The report counts the time spent by users on the analysis of documents.
The report can be filtered by activity level (greatest or smallest), object (file or folder), number of objects, group, user and period.

Groups’ activity over time

Groups' activity over time report allows to check activivty of the group over a specific period of time. It can be filtered by such criteria as activity level (greatest or smallest), number of groups, period of time and event (view, print, save).

Document and folder history

The report shows history of all operations carried out on a specific document or folder, including date of upload of the file to the VDR, history of change of its name and changes of its location in the structure.

Comparison of access rights to files

Comparison of access rights to files report lets you compare permissions (view, print, save) to documents and folders that have been assigned to individual groups.

Tabular and graph reports

Advanced filters
Export to Excel
Changes in the names of documents and folders
Changes in the names of documents and folders report shows a list of all files and catalogues which names have been changed, along with detailed description (email address of user who conducted the change, and its date).
Documents and folders uploaded

Documents and folders uploaded and downloaded from FORDATA Uploader report shows a list of all documents uploaded to the VDR along with information on who and when uploaded the files.

Documents and folders deleted

The report shows a list of all documents and folders deleted from the system. It is possible to filter the report by user, file or folder name and period of time.

Changes of access rights to documents and folders

Changes of access rights to documents and folders report shows a list of files and folders which access rights have been changed, along with details of the group which the change has been made for, by whom and when.

Changes to group’s access rights

Changes to group's access rights report shows a list of all groups, which access rights have been changed, along with details of changes.

Changes to user’s access rights

Changes to user's access rights report shows a list of users whose permissions have been changed, along with details of changes.

Users deleted

Users deleted report presents a list of all users who have been removed from the VDR.
All file types allowed (Office, pdf, jpg, mp4, html, dwg, dwf, other)

Drag&drop loading

Load single documents or entire folders

Give access rights to files at loading stage

Give access rights to single documents or folders

Automatic numbering of files and folders

Bulk operations – loading, giving access rights


Create single users or import many users from Excel files

Give access rights per group of users

Give access rights to individual users

Create new groups with identical access rights using „Copy Group” function

Bulk operations
– sending invitations, blocking access, sending notifications

Access on Windows and MAC OS (any browser)

No need to install plug-ins

Access documents using two clear view modes
– Document Structure and Document List

Full Text Search – search for words inside documents without opening them

Automatic notifications about newly uploaded files

Search documents by name

Search documents by keywords (OCR)

Buffering of large files

Individual filters

Private notes
Q&A module for confidential communication between parties
It is a module of the system aiming to improve communication between project parties. It allows users, representing the other party of the process (e.g. investor), asking questions to the project manager, e.g. seller or his adviser. Most often, questions are related to documents, requests about new documents or other issues referring to the running process. Communication in the Q&A module is confidential, and different groups of users do not know about their existence as well. There are a few types of configuration the Q&A module and additional options that make managing the questions easier, like different general and daily limits of questions for different groups, question types (e.g.Financial), priorities etc.
Group discussions over particular documents or folders
E-mail alerts
Personalized NDAs which must be accepted by the users after they log in

Watermark personalization
(adding of company logos and individual texts)

Personalization of content of automatic e-mails (eg. invitations)

System personalization (logo, colors)
Integration with client’s website

*all functions unavailable in VDR LITE version can be activated at extra cost. Contact Sales Department

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