Winter team expansion at FORDATA

Winning a Stevie Award in COVID-19 response category back in January 2021 reaffirmed us. As the pandemic grew we had not stopped inviting new specialists to join our team and that effort paid out. Since, we have increased foreign and domestic sales, finished groundbreaking product updates and are now on our way to new markets. Just recently, we recruited five new wonderful people to help us grow further. Never in the company’s history have we been bigger.  
Let us introduce to you our new colleagues – Anna, Dawid, Kasia, Marianna and Radek, who joined the FORDATA Team in November and December. What did they tell us about themselves?

Anna, Marketing Specialist at FORDATA

I am a humanist who planned to go to the Academy of Fine Arts but finally graduated from the Faculty of Physics, majoring in Acoustics, Hearing Prosthetics and Noise Protection at Adam Mickiewicz University in Pozna┼ä. Nothing is impossible. ­čśë
Having long worked as a Marketing Specialist at KIND, I now have a plan to develop in Social Media and Employer Branding at FORDATA. I think that these two areas can be perfectly combined and thanks to them companies can gain new customers. But it also shows the company from the more “human” perspective and can attract potential candidates to work with us. I believe that social media will push traditional websites out and one day sales, customer contact and entire communication will move there.
Outside of work, my interests tend to be very creative – from decorating weddings, through interior design, to drawing and graphics. I cannot imagine my life without water, so in the future I plan to always live near it.

Dawid, Fullstack .NET Developer at FORDATA

I am a graduate of the Poznań University of Technology. I also completed postgraduate studies in the field of Internet and Mobile Applications. I took my first professional steps in the automation industry, and for several years I have been working as a .NET programmer.
One of my passions is traveling. I like getting to know new places and local customs. I try to plan my travels in such a way as to use my time as much as possible and visit as many interesting places as possible (which does not mean a blind rush from A to B).
My professional goal is, above all, the development of competences in the field of programming. In addition, I would like to expand my knowledge on topics related to IT security and cryptography.
I try to spend my free time actively, I like to go cycling or rollerblading, but also watch a good movie from time to time. In addition, I spend time exploring industry topics that interest me and creating my own applications, thanks to which I learn new things.
Dawid in FORDATA

Kasia, Junior Account Executive at FORDATA

I am a graduate of international relations as well as journalism and social communication at the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań, as well as a future graduate of management at the University of Economics in Poznań. I do not rule out a further academic career.
I am taking my first steps in the broadly understood business and I observe with interest the processes at FORDATA, not only the ones related to sales. I am close to the subject of human resources and issues related to onboarding, internal communication and broadly understood organizational culture.
International relations, including political ones, are my thing. I enjoy social and charity work. I love journeys and I always do things my own way.

My dream is to travel outside Europe (mainly to the USA, Canada, but also Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia). So far, I have tried to be an amateur tour organizer and guide for my friends and family. Actually, whomever I go somewhere with, I always take care of transport, accommodation and insurance, arrange initial trip plans, attractions, etc. – even some meetings with the locals. ­čśä

Kasia in FORDATA

Marianna, Junior Marketing Specialist at FORDATA

My zodiac sign is Pisces, and probably also for this reason I love the contact with water. I used to try to be an athlete, but the music won. I really like trying new things, learning something for the first time, hence my willingness to take up various challenges.
I graduated in jazz vocalism at the Academy of Music in Poznań, and currently I am in the last year of MA studies in Journalism and Social Communication at AMU.
For most of my life, I wanted to be a famous singer and be heard on the radio. Now I don’t feel so much pressure and my only goal is to act in harmony with myself and enjoy my work.
When it comes to marketing, I like to delve into social media patterns, especially in the social aspect. I am also interested in the subject of corporate identity. I think that creating a brand image and creating a coherent project (e.g. in the music industry) may be an activity that I would want to undertake in the future.
Marianna in FORDATA

Radek, Customer Service Specialist at FORDATA

I graduated from Poznań University of Physical Education in the field of physiotherapy. Once, I had such plans to become a physiotherapist and help people in this way, but some circumstances have changed and I decided to change my career path too.
Currently, my main professional goal is to improve in the field of customer service – particularly in the field of business.
I was born in Poznań and currently live in one of the suburban villages. In my spare time I go fishing, crossing rivers and lakes in search of special catches. Besides, I love traveling as it broadens your horizons enormously.
Since I became a father, almost all of my attention has been focused on raising my sons and spending as much time as possible with them. I feel fantastic in the role of a father and, in a way, I rediscovered myself thanks to this experience.
Guys, once again, welcome aboard. We are proud and happy to have you!

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