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As a reward, we will launch FORDATA VDR Lite for you too, at any time!

1) Fill out the form and mark the necessary consents
2) Donate any amount to any fundraiser for the fight against COVID-19 or confirm that your company has already helped.
3) You will receive a VDR Voucher to be used by the end of 2020
4) Use VDR without restrictions *

* if you load >1GB or add >25 users within a month, additional fees will be charged
* limits can be controlled in VDR, we will additionally notify you of any exceedances
* 1 company = 1 VDR

Fill in the form, give or prove support and get access to VDR at any time you choose!

1GB | 25 users | Q&A module for 30 days for free!

What is a Virtual Data Room?


VDR allows safe and controlled way to share confidential documents outside company, including advisors, investors, financial institutions, auditors, colleagues. It also allows for confidential communication between the company and invited partners.


Data Room is available through a browser, immediately, without the need for client-side deployment. Supports remote work in the organization of due diligence, auditing and investor search. It works great wherever you need to protect and control access to sensitive information.

Where will you use the Virtual Data Room?

Quick and secure sharing of sensitive documents with full user support.

Due Diligence, Restructuring

Accelerate the search for an investor or a conversation with a bank. Share confidential documents online with 24/7 access. Restrict access to files (e.g. “read only”), use watermarks, block screenshots and speed up Due Diligence. Use reports to track user activity.

Secure repository, FTP alternative

Protect sensitive information, improve collaboration, and make personnel, financial and legal decisions faster. Create a central, protected document repository (HR, legal, financial). Provide access to colleagues, advisers, lawyers 24/7, conveniently from home.


Organize an online audit and work from home! No visits to customer premises. Create a central document database with 24/7 internet access. Collaborate and control the work of the team thanks to dedicated tools.

Life science

Protect intellectual property, improve product and patent registration processes, share information with auditors, licensees, and patent attorneys securely.

Responsiveness FORDATA VDR

How it works?

  • We provide the Data Room in 15 minutes
  • Loading documents is simple and fast (via drag & drop, with the possibility of loading the entire structure with one click)
  • The documents are clearly cataloged and automatically numbered
  • Users have access to information via the Internet 24/7/365, from anywhere in the world, without installing additional software
  • Access to documents is varied and granted only to invited persons
  • The documents are protected against modification, saving to disk, printing or further distribution, they are watermarked
  • Advanced reports allow tracking the activity of users to whom documents have been made available

So, let's be happy together

FORDATA: mission coronavirus

FORDATA has been supporting good information protection practices for 11 years, and our mission is to improve the security of documents and files shared on the internet. As a company with the principles of corporate social responsibility at heart, we feel obliged to support entrepreneurs in this difficult time when so many companies are switching to remote work and encountering difficulties in maintaining an adequate level of security of business information, confidential documents and personal data of customers. Working with classified data at home may violate a number of laws, including GDPR, but also expose enterprises to the risk of losing strategic information.

Important information

As part of the campaign, you will receive from us a voucher for the Virtual Data Room Lite system for 30 days free of charge, which is active until the end of 2020. You can use the voucher at any time, when the project requires it.

If, as part of a free service, you load data above 1GB or invite more than 25 users to the system, we will simply settle these services in accordance with the price list included in the contract (you will receive a notification about exceeding the free limit, and you can control the amount of data on an ongoing basis in the Statistics tab) so that you can continue your work.

The service expires after 30 days. It can be extended for another month at a price of EUR 235 / month (1GB, 25 users). All data will be saved.

One company can run 1 Virtual Data Room system for free. The promotion applies to the first 30 orders, but we anticipate its extension.

Filling out the form available at and marking consents is tantamount to the conclusion of the contract.

Work from home and ensure the security of company and customer information.

The amount you pay as part of the campaign depends only on you.
Use VDR anytime when the project requires it.