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Virtual Data Room for Swedish Life Science sector

A comprehensive tool for sharing confidential pharmaceutical documentation. Security, efficiency and simplicity in every type of project.

In/Out Licensing

Make sure all licensing processes reach their goal in the fastest, safest and totally controlled way. Streamline communication with other parties and organize drug documentation in one central place. Reach out to more business partners while saving costs and time.

Clinical trial

Organize convenient and secure communication between the R&D department, regulatory agencies and patients in clinical trials. FORDATA VDR will ensure full confidentiality and trackability of processed information, providing transparent back up for auditing.


Internal and external auditing in life sciences is hassle-free thanks to FORDATA. You can store documents in a secure repository with different access rights, enable remote work on files and follow the progress with detailed user activity reports.

M&A and Due Diligence

Increase the chance of a quick and successful investment project. Reach banks, institutions, lawyers and potential investors easier, share documentation for Due Diligence ultra-securely and make sure that stakeholders will never learn about each other’s existence.

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Responsiveness FORDATA VDR

Our goal is to help life science companies in Sweden securely share confidential documentation with third parties and control the flow of data.

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