Report #MnAIndexPoland

They aim to show the dynamics of the Polish mergers and acquisitions market, with an emphasis on the description of the most interesting transactions. As part of quarterly summaries, we also observe the frequency of using the Virtual Data Room tool in M&A transactions in Poland.

SME sector still in the lead

Polish M&A expects influx of investments

Private investors still sell the most

Polish SME companies are remarkably attractive

Vast interest in SME companies

Private investors on the move

Private companies take the lead

It’s time for Private Equity funds

Market will continue to thrive for one year only

Asian investors take over even more aptly

A wave of bank fusions incoming

Private entrepreneurs still take lead on the sell-side

Poland on the radar of foreign funds

Asia in offensive

Record number of transactions far behind us

Warehouse and hotel markets going forward

Record value of transactions

Polish M&A waiting for a high tide

Poland strong player on the M&A market
Leisurely beginnings on the M&A market

Record-breaking year on the Polish M&A market

Record values on the global M&A market

A record number of transactions in Poland

The Polish transactional scene all in green

Continuation of a good trend on the Polish M&A market

The Polish market has stabilized at a good level

Mijający rok ma szanse zapisać się pozytywnie w historii M&A

Polish M&A market is growing in size, but also is getting fragmented

In CEE the number and the value of M&A has been falling

A considerable recovery on the M&A market in Poland

Further accumulation of M&A in the telecommunications market is expected

Virtual Data Room simplify the due diligence process