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Presenting the new version 5.0 of the FORDATA system

Aleksandra Prusator, Chris Pytel
You can now use the new – even faster and more convenient – version of our Virtual Data Room. We are pleased to present to you the VDR 5.0 system, which includes modern solutions and improvements introduced by our IT team in order to further accelerate and streamline your work. What will you find in the latest version of the system? We asked Aleksandra Prusator for the answer.
What will you find in this article?
In the article Our goal: The fastest Virtual Data Room we wrote that when developing the system, we focus on providing speed (very broadly understood, because it is both technology, intuitive service and the quality of customer support) This idea has also strongly guided us now – we bring to you the most efficient system in the history of FORDATA, which is a great satisfaction for us.

What can the users expect from the new VDR 5.0 version?

Aleksandra Prusator: The new version completely replaces version 4.0 which will no longer be available. The biggest, groundbreaking change is the introduction by our IT team of the modern SPA standard (single page application), which significantly improves the speed of saving changes in the system and reloading individual views, while being characterized by high responsiveness. The system is now lighter and more effective, also from the project’s perspective, which I would also like to mention.
SPA does not require a new page to be loaded every time the user moves to a different tab. All views are loaded in one window, thanks to which the cache and Internet resources are better used. This significantly affects the overall speed of the system. These changes are the result of a large expansion of our IT team in 2020. We can do much more now and we certainly won’t rest on our laurels after the release of the latest iteration 5.0.
Important changes have also been made to the user interface itself. We improved the arrangement of some buttons, included new validation notifications, improved the appearance of filters and introduced changes to the table structure so that access to some functions was more convenient, table contents were better visible, and user operations were more efficient.
We’ve also shortened the paths to certain features so that they are at hand. These changes are not revolutionary at first glance, but they are really important in everyday work with the system. We write more about the new improvements on the product page.
laptop vdr

What about the aforementioned project efficiency?

Changes in the FORDATA system always follow the users’ needs. The speed and convenience of VDR processes is important for customers, as it translates into savings in time and costs of proceedings. We know from our clients that, for example, we now have a very intense period in the M&A industry.
The VDR system must be as efficient as possible to be able to comfortably handle many parties – regardless of the number of projects, users and the amount of documentation. The result of these needs is the new version 5.0, which means less time spent on Data Room service and more time on the subject matter and more efficiently closed transactions. At this point, we can speak of a technological breakthrough at FORDATA, because we have not used the SPA before. I believe that this change will significantly improve the comfort of work of all users and its efficiency.

What else changed in the system?

Let me start with saying that users who previously worked on version 4.0 will not have to spend time learning the new version, because the changes from the UX point of view are implemented in such a way that they do not affect the comfort of their work in any way. We have introduced a number of improvements, such as the frozen column with ‘settings’ button in tables so that it can be accessible while scrolling horizontally, or the ability to hide individual columns, and many more.
However, the changes do not give the impression of working in a completely new application. Our users will easily find themselves in the improved 5.0 environment, although they will probably recognize what’s new. Going further, what changed is, for example, a form for adding users and sending invitations all in the same view or the method of selecting message recipients in Q&A – new features that are very intuitive and very useful.
VDR 5.0 is still the same, friendly system, but much more convenient and faster. I cordially invite you to contact the Customer Service Department, who will be happy to show you what changes have been made.

We wish you pleasant and fruitful work in the FORDATA Virtual Data Room 5.0 system.

Even faster. Even more effective.

Try the new FORDATA VDR 5.0 system

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Aleksandra Prusator
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