Deal flow with VDR – services that facilitate Due Diligence

Virtual Data Room is much more than a file-sharing platform. It is a good deal flow. Katarzyna Buda from Grant Thornton told us about the importance of the VDR system to the transaction industry and how, with the help of the FORDATA VDR system, advisors can improve their dealmaking. In this article, we list the most important non-technological features of the FORDATA service, thanks to which transaction parties can implement their projects faster and more conveniently. Which features do we mean?  

What’s inside?

Drawing on our many years of experience in the M&A market, we want to bring closer to you those advantages of the FORDATA service that result from the support offered by our Customer Service Department and Sales Department and have the greatest impact on the deal flow. By all means, it is the complementarity of the two spheres – technological one and the “human” one – that makes M&A advisors like our VDR so much.
In the first half of 2022, two features of the FORDATA service had a particularly large impact on the choice of the system among our customers. These were:
The current challenges on the M&A market include, among others, dynamically changing company valuations caused by energy, inflation and resource uncertainty in most sectors of the economy. For this reason, some of the transaction processes are more likely to be suspended, postponed or even canceled. These factors are said to be having even more influence on the companies’ condition and the conduct of proceedings in the fourth, autumn quarter of 2022.
In such circumstances, the need for flexibility among advisers and law firms organizing transaction processes is particularly high. At FORDATA, we adapt to these requirements actively, but what are we trying to say by that, exactly?

Flexibility of the Sales Department - what we mean when we talk about the boutique nature of FORDATA

We asked Marcin Rajewicz, Sales Team Leader at FORDATA, for an answer:

"We approach each project individually. We take into account the client's budget for the solution under consideration, as well as legal requirements. For example, State Treasury companies may require the implementation of specific provisions into the contract - we know about it and are able to adjust the provisions of the contract accordingly. In turn, the requirements of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority are also specific and our VDR can also be adapted to them.

We prepare each offer individually, depending on the needs and experience of the client - if the client does not have full knowledge of what type of contract and what resources will work best in the project they start, we will share our experience and good practices to best adapt VDR at the start. And we act very fast. We respond to the request for a quote immediately, no later than 15 minutes from submitting the request."

So when we talk about the boutique nature of FORDATA VDR, we mean the possibility of personalizing the contract and a far-reaching partnership that would not be achievable in a different organizational model. Let’s take a look at how it looks in practice.

Features of FORDATA VDR that facilitate Due Diligence

Flexibility, speed, true partnership are features that are an integral part of your cooperation with #FORDATAteam. How do they affect deal flow?

Adapting to your requirements

As we said, at FORDATA, we fully adapt to the customer’s needs. It sometimes happens that our client needs to be guided step by step through all stages of a project implemented in the VDR. We then take over the role of a VDR administrator and, if necessary, we advise on best practices to facilitate this very particular project.
We are always proactive – we monitor the course of the transaction and if a challenge occurs, for example in terms of dividing users into groups or setting access to files, we take the phone and call to inform the customer. And if the client needs to focus on the content, we can completely take over the handling of documents and users. Either way, our ability to fit in saves you time and gives you peace of mind.

Partnership in every matter

We want to think of ourselves as client’s partners, always ready to share good advice. The project manager can call their dedicated manager at any time, which is the same person from our Customer Service Department assigned from the beginning, and ask for support or obtain additional information about the service or the course of the project.
The advantage of the above-mentioned boutique nature of our organization is that we can get to know the people we work with better and establish much deeper relationships with VDR administrators on client’s side. This ultimately results in a much better understanding of the project. Our partnership ensures that your needs are addressed in the best possible way and that you can always rely on us, even in emergency situations. We will find a solution for each of your problems

A small company and a well-coordinated team

Let’s check on that boutique style again. We are a small company with 25 people on board. Information spreads quickly among us and orders from customers are processed just as quickly. The cooperation between all FORDATA departments is therefore as smooth as possible in a group of good friends. Thanks to this, novelties and system improvements do not have to pass through a dense network of intra-organizational connections.
With us, most matters are dealt with immediately. It is also not uncommon for us to introduce personalized functions for a specific project. When a client is in need of a tailor-made solution, we are able to design and implement it in VDR before the project is finished. Quite unheard of, isn’t it?

Good (deal) flow - accelerate, smoothen, improve Due Diligence

All this to make sure that the client receives something extra. For us, it is a sense of cooperation on the same wavelength. Only with a team that perfectly knows the system offered, its own customers and with one that understands the industry needs, a good deal flow is able to emerge. It is a sense of certainty that is shared all around. The need for the speed of operation – from pricing, through launching of the system, to resolving inquiries (over 95% – on the first line) – timely completion of the project, support that prevents downtime in the proceedings, and finally transferring organizational tasks to the supplier – we become partners at every stage and for each type of process.

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